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It’s all in the bag

Buyers’ guide

No matter what the camera, you need a bag to keep it safe. We

Manfrotto Pro Light Flexloader L › › £299

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L › › £121.50

Famed for its backpacks, Peak Design’s Everyday range also includes a handy sling bag that’s perfect for smaller gear. This 10L version is the largest – there are 3L and 6L models, too – and comes in either black, grey or blue. The Sling features a padded 86-172cm cross-body strap. The 10L has a dedicated sleeve for a 13in laptop and will take a full-frame DSLR body with a 70-200mm attached, plus another lens or accessories. There’s a weatherproof outer and storm-sealed zips.

Designed for unparalleled protection and portability, the Flexloader is part of Manfrotto’s new Pro Light collection. Its all-new M-Guard protection system gives greater shock resistance. The 26x15x47cm front-accessed interior is deep enough for gripped bodies and multiple lenses, and has a wealth of easy-to-fit dividers. There’s also an expandable rear pocket and sleeve for a 15in laptop. See-through pockets are on hand for small accessories and there are multiple attachment points for tripods or other gear. The outer is water-repellent and it comes with a sun/rain cover.

take a look at some of PN’s recommended backpacks, shoulder bags and cases... CAMERA-CARRYING KIT IS a vital component in photography, protecting your precious gear and helping to transport it in comfort. If your bag is looking a bit long in the tooth, consider some of these. But remember, just as different shoes fit different purposes, there’s plenty of justification for owning multiple bags for various situations, too. You might want a large rucksack for a long trip away from home, but also invest in a smaller bag for day trips. With advancements in design and build coming every year, there are loads of good reasons to upgrade. Let’s check out some great options.

ThinkTank Photo Freeway Longhaul 50 › › £125

ThinkTank is well-known for its superb photo backpacks and shoulder bags, but the company also makes great products as part of its Travel Collection. The Freeway Longhaul carryall duffel is a rugged organiser that can be used to safely move all sorts of gear. This 50-litre version comes in grey or green and measures 43.5x32.5x35cm externally. Internally, there’s a padded divider and Velcro strips to fit a camera compartment, as well as four outside pockets. There are duffel-style handles on top, as well as three other handles fixed to the sides, while a padded shoulder strap may be fitted between six different D-rings. A zippered top cover and extra-durable base protect from weather, too.

VanguardVEOActive 49 › › £229.99

Vanguard’s Active range is intended for comfort when hiking or travelling, while keeping gear safe and accessible. All the bags have a USB port interface, hydration pouch and lots of organisation pockets. The Active 49 isn’t the largest in the range, but still takes a pro-sized DSLR or mirrorless body with a grip and mounted telephoto lenses, plus room for some big glass like a 300mm f/2.8 or 150-600mm zoom. There’s also enough space for a 15in laptop. Rear access means muck-free, safe loading, while there’s a smaller daypack section for other essentials. The bag has a water-resistant outer, storm-sealed zips and a seam-sealed rain cover. It measures 33x25x51cm, with a camera compartment that is 28x16x35cm.

MindShift Gear FirstLight 20L › › £247

Built for travel, the FirstLight series combines all-day comfort with carry-on compatibility. This 20-litre model is the smallest in the range, but roomy enough for a detached 200-400mm f/4. Its comfort comes from several adjustable features, including a contoured harness with 11 adjustment points – letting the fit be modified for men or women, tall or short. The bag measures 29x47.5x17.8cm externally, 27.5x44.5x13.5cm internally, and will comfortably fit a DSLR and three or more lenses, plus 15in laptop. It has grab handles, a rain cover and mounting points for a tripod.

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