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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Historic sites! An Amazing Internet websitemakes themost of your awesome images, is easy to update andmaintain, andwill maximise your commercial success


WE ALL KNOW that getting images online is vital if you want them to be noticed, or if you sell services as a photographer. But while it’s pretty easy to create your own website these days, it’s actually becoming harder to find a company that offers a really great user experience. So, if you’re looking for the reason why so many readers picked Amazing Internet as the winner of the Photography News Awards best photo website provider – for the fourth year running, in fact – this is why. They have found a company they can develop a relationship with. One that takes the time to find out what they really need, while offering

ongoing support via phone and email. This isn’t a faceless call centre – with Amazing Internet you’ll be communicating with the people who actually create your website. With 22 years of experience, Amazing Internet specialises in websites for photography businesses. Therefore, it knows what makes a great site and how to show your images at their best. After all, planning a website can be a daunting and time- consuming task. But with Amazing Internet, you get to speak to an expert directly, who can clarify your ideas and find the right solution for your style – as well as understand what you want your site to achieve.

Offering a complete range of services, to suit everyone from keen amateurs who want an online gallery, all the way through to medium-sized business, there’s certainly a great mix of options to choose from. The Portfolio Series is where you can build a brilliant-looking and fully featured site yourself, with an intuitive content management system. It starts at £60 per year, but even at this price, has tools to sell your work, add a blog and help people find you. Then there’s the Pro Series where things really take off. Starting at £1440, you begin by choosing from a series of layouts. Amazing Internet then builds and customises this for you, making a site that’s branded and tailored to your exact needs. Add-on services even include a logo design. Finally, Amazing Internet can make a fully bespoke site. This is

We spoke to Amazing Internet’s co-founder Andrew Skirrow. “First of all, I’m delighted for our company to have been recognised as best website provider for another year. I definitely feel that our success is down to how photographers feel when they engage in making a site with us. When someone becomes an Amazing Internet client, it’s like they’ve become part of our team. We’re working towards the same goals – and want them to be delighted with our service, stay with us and create a long-lasting relationship. The fact we have many clients who have been with us for more than 20 years suggests that we are achieving that goal.”

EASY DOES IT An Amazing Internet website is simple to update

the ultimate in creative design, and sees the company complete an in- depth analysis of your requirements to ensure your site not only looks stunning, but perfectly reflects the images and agenda you have – ideal for businesses or even camera clubs looking to have the best online presence possible. It all adds up to a service that’s rightly been rewarded once again.


“When you’ve gone to great lengths to capture an image, it deserves the best website to show it. If you’re passionate about your work, look no further than Amazing Internet. Its expertise is exceptional. They are, in my opinion, the best at what they do!” - Robert Thompson, Pro Series website user

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