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News photo assignments in our Super 24 Challenge, announced to everybody using social media – so anyone can take part, wherever you are. As an additional incentive, we have three £500 MPB vouchers on offer, for our favourite pictures taken in the Super 24 Challenge. London, like most bustling cities, is brimful of photo opportunities – not just in quantity, but quality, too. There are no restrictions on what you can shoot in Photo 24, so whether you enjoy buildings,

street art, people or abstracts, there’s a chance to really indulge yourself. Participants will also have the option of signing up for extra activities, and most are free. Details will be sent to successful applicants soon after 17 May. Look out for more details on the Super 24 Challenge and Photo 24 in the next issue of PN , on the website and on our podcast. Meanwhile, if you want to come along, please go to the website and apply for a place.

GLARING Urban reflections work best when there is good light on the subject and the reflecting surface is in shadow. Try to focus at various points and bracket exposures, if you’re uncertain

DEMO DELIGHTS There are often demos on Saturdays in London, which are great photo opportunities

GUITAR HERO Get to places like Camden and you will invariably find interesting characters keen to be photographed, so have your camera set up ready to shoot

Listen up: PN has its own podcast

We’ll also host a special, recorded at MPB’s Brighton facility, where PN goes behind the scenes with the popular retailer. Each podcast is free to enjoy and available on our website, Apple Podcasts and YouTube .

The Photography News Podcast features the PN team of editor Will Cheung, editorial director Roger Payne and contributing editor Kingsley Singleton taking their light-hearted and informed look at today’s imaging world. Each episode includes reader questions, so if you need advice to help get more from your photography, drop us an email – The team will be at Photo 24, and will give hints and tips on shooting urban subjects in forthcoming pods.

Street sharp Catching fleeting moments on the street is a challenging, rewarding subject. And Brian Lloyd Duckett, founder of StreetSnappers, is very good at it.

including one-to-ones and private groups in London, Lisbon, Prague and Venice. There’s an online option, too. Also, see our City Clickers feature on page 17 for more on street and urban shooting opportunities.

his son, Alex Duckett, for free photo walks around some London hotspots. These will last around an hour or so, long enough to get a feel for street shooting. If you enjoy the free sampler, Brian offers a range of workshops and masterclasses –

Readers attending Photo 24 will have the chance to join Brian and

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