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within production and elsewhere. As far as our industry is concerned, providers such as are working to redefine the workflow. Camera-to-cloud is actually in place already. Certified devices can send H.264 proxies complete with uncompressed audio through’s platform – via Teradek Cube. This means footage is available for collaboration of virtually any kind. facilitates the communication that remote working demands. Comments, annotations, version numbers and much more can all be added. Like accessing the Apollo Bridge’s advanced technical features, it appears UX will be vital in gaining the most from the full spectrum of wireless tools. This is a promising step in the right direction. So, where exactly do we stand as an industry? Evidently, at the centre of an evolving production environment. New ground is uncovered month after month, as technical innovations continue at an astounding rate. The end goal, though, may be in sight. A set that’s free from the clutter of wires would be a plus – but it’s the prospect of unparalleled connectivity and control that is truly exciting.

monitoring products come in, from the likes of Teradek, Hollyland and Swit. The latter’s Flow series offers beneficial multicasting, from one transmitter to seven receivers; 16 pairs have been verified in the same location, thanks to robust networking. This could mean a new era of video village, in which key players are able to instantly review footage on personal devices. Anti-interference is another strong suit, even exceeding the challenges of a sound stage. Provided by leading UK supplier ProAV, the Swit Flow series was used to monitor sports capture at Welford Road Stadium, which has almost 26,000 capacity. Connection was managed from across the venue, and picture quality remained promisingly strong. The new EnGo 265 from Dejero harbours masses of collaboration

potential, as representative Aislynn Cooper Gauthier conveys. “Real-time data transfer poses plenty of challenges, but tools like the EnGo 265 accelerate the delivery of content from set to post-production. The device’s Smart Blending Technology combines multiple wired and wireless IP connections, including broadband and 4G, from multiple providers to form a ‘network of networks’. The result is 0.5sec glass-to-glass latency over bonded cellular connections. “Hybrid encoding technology provides the quality. Ultra-high resolution video must be encoded and decoded on either side of the network. Our new device does that dynamically, and in real time, while adapting to scene complexity and network throughput.” CLOUD COVER The video village expands far beyond the confines of a set with cloud sharing. It’s becoming more crucial in the faster application of post-production. Experts speculate that cloud streaming may one day enable almost simultaneous production and post. The sharing element is one area that’s seen a colossal boom in recent years –

A LINK IN THE CHAIN As well as a powerful wireless DMX, the Litepanels Apollo Bridge enables set-up and customisation of advanced networks – suitable for an array of devices

“Camera-to-cloud is actually in place already. Certified devices can send H.264 proxies complete with uncompressed audio through’s platform”

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