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MANY-SIDED At once a wireless DMX system and a multi-language protocol router, this is a multifaceted bit of kit

Despite advanced features that will be essential in the far future, using the Apollo Bridge for today’s more fundamental tasks couldn’t be simpler. “One of the ecosystem’s biggest draws is that we make it easy to gain full control,” Duff effuses. “Through the Lighticians Apollo Control app, you’ll access commands comparable to a lighting console, with much

more intuitive UI. Make sophisticated adjustments and retain the feeling of an app – not just with Litepanels lights. There are profiles for every major LED manufacturer. Or, utilising the Apollo Bridge purely for its exceptional networking capabilities, you can still connect your preferred console or third- party app.”

Across an unparalleled range of uses, control, functionality and performance are comprehensive. By fulfilling the most essential demands and leaving room for expert optimisation, few tools are set to revolutionise the industry to the same degree as the Litepanels Apollo Bridge. Duff surmises best himself: “You can use the bridge exactly how and where you want. Or, you can use the solo hardware, our free app and great line of lights.”

Apollo on-set

stage, I had no issues getting a solid signal through set walls. It took no time to set up with defaults, but the advanced control really appealed. I loved the Apollo’s ability to work as a DHCP server, but also have static IPs assigned to known devices – giving the advantages of both.” The simple benefits of a highly capable wireless control system weren’t lost on the lighting expert, either. “With the Apollo Bridge, technicians no longer have to be situated awkwardly to make adjustments. Gaffers and DOPs need only wait seconds to adjust multiple lights. Productions are safer and more efficient – and time is money.”

Recently, board operator Daniel Choy Boyar has been using the Apollo Bridge for remote LED control – and more – in the fast-paced world of episodic TV. “The Apollo Bridge worked seamlessly with ETC Ion Xe and Nomad lighting consoles, which fed sACN data over Ethernet or Wi-Fi – depending on requirements. We had several devices, with one linked to our fixtures and others acting as Wi-Fi access points, and additional wireless universes,” he says. The system met Boyar’s significant demands, and he was equally impressed by the level of control available. “Even when positioned at ground level in the corner of a 27,000 sq ft

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