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Delivering the ultimate flash Profoto’s top-of-the-range flash generator offers awesome power, very brief flash durations and AirX connectivity

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EPISODE 20 Spring is here (almost!) and the PN team offer up seasonal tips to try out EPISODE 19 Who truly needs 30fps shooting, 102 megapixels and 8K video? PN mulls over the Fujifilm GFX 100S and Sony A1 EPISODE 18 National lockdown v3, plus new indoor shooting techniques for you to try EPISODE 17 Why you should set yourself some photo projects for 2021 EPISODE 16 The final episode of 2020 takes a look back at the year and the team dream about what Santa is bringing them EPISODE 15 In the depths of winter, bad weather is part and parcel of life. The team talk through their techniques for dealing with the difficult conditions EPISODE 14 The team discuss the ‘dark arts’, plus advice for enjoying night photography EPISODE 13 Indoor portraits and the best lighting techniques are discussed. Plus, tips on getting your photo mojo back when motivation is low EPISODE 12 PN chats exclusively with Matt Barker, founder of hugely successful MPB, an online second-hand photo retailer EPISODE 11 The PN team offer musings on autumn, including locations, techniques and the best kit for this glorious season

EPISODE 10 Expert insect photographer, Ann Healey ARPS, speaks to the team EPISODE 9 PN shoots big sky landscapes, bugs and drooling dogs, plus an interview with Epson’s Dom Gurney EPISODE 8 The team pick their Desert Island Kit, explaining their indispensable choices EPISODE 7 The team name their best-ever lenses, past and present EPISODE 6 A landscape special, including an exclusive interview with master landscaper, Charlie Waite EPISODE 5 The team offer their advice for astrophotography and long exposures, plus why back-button focusing can really add to your image quality EPISODE 4 The team reveal their self-portraits, plus why contests are worth the effort EPISODE 3 With the realities of lockdown truly setting in, the team set out to give you inspiration, plus they discuss their best-ever DSLRs EPISODE 2 A shooting-at-home special, with product photography in the bath, as well as astrophotography EPISODE 1 In this inaugural episode, there’s advice for at-home shooting and the team discuss their favourite cameras

Photography News team – comprising editor Will Cheung, contributing editor Kingsley Singleton and editorial director Roger Payne – assemble and chew the photographic cud with picture-taking advice, the latest hardware developments and the team’s own photographic endeavours. Feedback, opinions and questions are always welcome, so if you have ideas for the pod, views about the current state of image-making or queries for the PN team, please email us on podcast@ HERE’S HOWTOTUNE IN Every podcast is posted on the website: podcast-library Or you can go to our YouTube channel using the address below. Subscribe and hit the bell if you want to be notified when a new episode is posted:

The Profoto Pro-11 is a high-end flash generator that’s packed with features. Perfect for high-volume professional studios, it delivers up to 2400Ws with an output range that can be controlled across 11EV in 0.1EV steps, from 2.4Ws to full power. Flash recycling can be as brief as 0.02sec to 0.7sec, and there’s quick burst capability with up to 50 flashes per second. These flash durations are brief, too. In normal mode, duration is 1/800sec at 2400Ws to 1/12,000sec at minimum power, while in freeze mode, bursts are a brief 1/80,000sec. Colour temperature stability rates highly, as you would expect from Profoto. Meanwhile, Profoto AirX technology provides wireless connectivity with all Profoto remote triggers and apps.

The working range with Profoto Air remotes is 300m, while 30m is possible with Bluetooth smart devices. The Profoto Pro-11 is a studio power pack, designed to last a lifetime. The product is priced at £12,995. ProHead Plus heads start from £2094.

Rode goes again Rode has updated its highly respected Wireless Go wireless microphone system, announcing the Go II

The Rode Wireless Go changed how vloggers and videographers captured high-quality audio. Rode has now enhanced its offering: the Wireless Go II retains all the successful elements of original Go and has added even more to thrill its users.

The Go II records from two sound sources simultaneously, with a stable line-of-sight working range that reaches 200m. It also boasts a rechargeable battery that runs for seven hours, and there’s on-board recording for up to 24 hours of audio. The Wireless Go II is

Nikon correction

available in-store now for £279. The kit includes a dual channel receiver, two transmitters, three furry windshields, the necessary cables and a carry pouch.

In last month’s review of the Nikon Z 7II, editor and tester Will Cheung noted the monitor was unable to display a data-free viewing image. PN reader Robert Shepton kindly pointed out that this was incorrect. In fact, the movie record button can be set to show an EVF/monitor image that’s free of info.

“Thanks, Robert, you’re right of course,” says Will. “My error was that I didn’t make it clear that this feature resets once the camera is turned off, with the movie record button requiring another push as it powers up. The self-timer resets, too. I really wish Nikon would allow the user the option.”

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