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Broncolor Siros 400L

Aimed at professionals who need reliable performance on the move, the Broncolor Siros 400L delivers fantastic value. An output of 400Ws ensures studio-quality results, but the model retains the freedom to shoot anywhere, thanks to a rechargeable 440-flash battery that provides portable power and recycles almost instantly in 0.03sec. Colour accuracy throughout its settings is excellent, with enhanced, colour temperature 1/9000sec. A 25W LED modelling light is also useful, and wireless triggering from a transmitter, as well as settings control via a smart device are possible, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi. control technology. It supports high-speed shooting at up to


Blurring the lines between flashgun and portable head, the AD200Pro switches between the use of a bare bulb or a standard speedlight head for its flash output. These two options not only have varying light qualities, but give the photographer a wider selection of modifiers that they can use to adjust it. Its output of 200Ws may be on the lower end for a flash head, but is still Godox AD200Pro

substantially more powerful than most speedlights, while its form factor is also not dissimilar in size. The AD200 Pro features a rechargeable battery that lasts for 500 full-power flashes, Godox X system Wi-Fi connectivity for remote triggering, and a stable colour temperature mode. It has a clear display on its rear, while TTL and HSS up to 1/800sec are both supported.



Pixapro CITI400 Pro TTL With a competitive price tag and capable feature set, the CITI400 Pro represents a solid choice for enthusiasts requiring a portable solution. The light’s output of 400Ws and 1sec recycle time suits a wide range of scenarios. It also boasts a 30W modelling light, while its rechargeable battery achieves 390 full-power shots. The head benefits from a Bowens S-Type mount, enabling access to a huge range of lighting modifiers, and it’s TTL and HSS shooting compatible. Integrated 2.4GHz wireless connectivity means it can be remotely triggered from distances of up to 80m. Moreover, a clean display oversees control of its 9EV power range.

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

more powerful than many speedlights and provides plenty of scope for illuminating even the widest of scenes. Each interchangeable battery manages 400 full-power shots, while mains power can also be used if a location allows. The user can even charge the battery simultaneously. TTL and HSS shooting are available, with a top flash speed of 1/8000sec. A modelling light, which can be dimmed, is found on the studio head, while integrated Wi-Fi provides wireless operation up to 200m away using an Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter. With this model, the battery pack, rather than the head, is used to control all settings. This features a large OLED screen and plenty of controls for rapid selections.

Comprising a studio head and separate battery pack (that asymmetrically powers a second unit, if required), this set provides a huge flash output of 500Ws – that’s 10x



Profoto B10

The size of a can and weighing just 524g with a battery, several AD100Pro models could fit in a standard camera bag alongside lenses with ease – making it a supremely portable lighting option. With a 100Ws output, it isn’t the most powerful head on the market, but it’s still about 30% more powerful than a number of the top-of-the-range speedlights available. This output can be refined across a 9EV range, while the unit features both TTL and HSS shooting at speeds of up to 1/8000sec. The light’s rechargeable battery provides 360 full-power flashes on a single use. Wireless 2.4GHz connectivity is available for remote triggering, while a magnetic attachment point on the front of the unit allows fast use of modifiers. With an adapter sold separately, the AD100Pro can also be used with standard Bowens S-Type mount modifiers, opening up even more options. Godox AD100Pro

Providing versatility in a tiny package, the B10 may only measure 17.5cm at its longest dimension and weigh 1.5kg, but it packs a flash output of 250Ws, as well as a continuous light at 2500 lumens. Besides this power, it also boasts adjustable colour temperature and power output. This combination makes

the B10 a great grab-and-go option for those shooting both stills and video content on the fly. The unit’s battery achieves 400 full-power shots or 75 minutes of continuous lighting, and Profoto’s AirX system enables wireless triggering. The light’s range provides 10EV control and both TTL and HSS are supported.

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