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£169 Hähnel Modus 360RT

Godox V1

At just 310g and 105mm on its longest dimension, the Modus 360RT is suited for use with CSCs and smaller DSLRs. It features 2.4GHz wireless integration for remote control and use with multi-unit set-ups, with a li-ion battery that provides more than 400 full-power shots. Uniquely, it boasts a LED video light with

five adjustable levels. It supports TTL and HSS shooting, while the 1.5sec flash recycle flashguns powered by AA batteries. Available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Micro Four Thirds and Fujifilm fits, a larger Modus 600RT MK II is also available for even greater power output and battery life. time is roughly 4x faster than most

With its rounded flash head producing softer and more even lighting than a traditional flashgun, and powered via a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s good for 480 full-power flashes, the Godox V1 stands out from the crowd. TTL and HSS compatible, it also features a built-in 2.4GHz wireless system for remote triggering from a Godox X system transmitter. This enables off-camera control or integration into a larger lighting system using the brand’s other products. Magnetic modifiers can also be attached to the front of the head, adapting its lighting easily. Meanwhile, it can be adjusted 0-330° horizontally and -7-120° vertically for softer bounced flash. The V1 is available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax and Micro Four Thirds mounts.


If you want an easy-to-operate, entry-level flashgun, look no further! With a form factor that complements smaller cameras, the M360 is a mere 190g and features just two buttons on its rear for basic operation. One turns on the device, the other cycles through its operating states. TTL calculates accurate illumination, meaning that its potential lack of manual functionality compared to other flashguns is offset by stunning results. It’s a breeze for users seeking no-frills performance. The M360 head can be articulated fully between -7° and 90° vertically and 270° horizontal. Soft bounced flash from nearby surfaces is possible, while it also has a built-in bounce card. It’s available in Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Micro Four Thirds mounts. Metz M360 £115

Kenro Macro Ring Flash

Designed to enable beautiful close-up

lights that help the user compose their image before firing the flash. The unit’s two flash tubes can be activated in unison or independently of each other, depending on the desired lighting effect. Two AF assist lights – one at the top, one at the bottom – ensure accurate focus. Power is supplied by either four AA batteries, or the optional Nissin Power Pack PS8.

photography that’s free of shadows, the Kenro Macro Ring Flash appeals to macro, beauty and small product image specialists looking to produce light that wraps around their subject. Available in Nikon and Canon fits, it comes complete with eight lens adapter rings. It’s also TTL compatible and benefits from LED modelling



With a powerful output of 60GN at 200mm, the i600 packs a pro-level punch of light for any scene that requires it. While it lacks the 2.4GHz wireless connectivity of other models in this guide, it still benefits from optical wireless triggering, enabling usage across multi-unit set-ups within its line of sight. The head can be rotated 180° in both directions horizontally and Nissin i600

Pixapro Li-Ion580II TTL

The 580II represents a feature-packed choice for anyone who requires a capable flashgun to adopt as their workhorse unit. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, 650 full-power shots are possible on a single charge. And offering a fantastic output of 60GN at 200mm, most subjects are fair game for this flash. On top of that, it supports HSS, TTL and multi-burst firing for stroboscopic

photography. Flash speeds that reach 1/20,000sec are possible across a zoom range that covers 20 to 200mm. A built-in 2.4GHz receiver supports remote triggering from up to 100m away for off-camera use, and protection from overheating is present. The 580II is available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax and Micro Four Thirds fits.

90° vertically for bounced flash effects, and it provides coverage for 24-200mm focal lengths. HSS and TTL compatible, it’s operated via an intuitive dial system, featuring one control for mode and another for exposure value. There’s overheat protection and an energy-saving mode for maximum battery life. The i600 is available in Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds fits.


Profoto A10

It may come with a hefty price tag, but the A10 is the most advanced on-camera flash available. Featuring a round-head design for even lighting, Profoto promises consistent and colour-accurate flash at all of its

powerful settings. A rechargeable li-ion battery provides up to 450 full-power shots with rapid recycling, while Bluetooth AirX connectivity supports remote operation up to 300mm. Smartphone operation

and firmware updates are possible via an app. A magnetic modifier mount enables light refinement with accessories, while the head’s beam intensity can be adjusted with a simple twist of its zoom ring – from

soft smooth fall-off to something narrower and more focused. TTL and HSS compatible, the A10 also has a built-in modelling light that aids composition. The A10 is available in Nikon, Canon, Sony and Fujifilm.

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