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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Best Kase scenario A good set of filters is a photographer’s best friend, and they don’t come much better than the award-winningWolverineMagnetic Circular Filter

ABOVE Inside the rather stylish carry case, the whole Wolverine Magnetic Circular system can be fitted into a kit bag with ease, or even carried on your person for ultimate lightweight use

CREATIVE OR PRACTICAL, filters unlock a whole new world of photographic potential. And while a lack of filters won’t stop you from getting out there and snapping, it’s simply a fact that you can’t achieve the same incredible results without them. That being said, your approach to filters should be considered. There are certainly options that won’t do your images any favours at all. For the best photographs, a renowned and trusted brand such as Kase is advisable. It’s also a good idea to invest in a complete system, rather than struggle with mismatched pieces. And on that front, there’s a clear standout product: the Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter. As such, editor Will Cheung didn’t hesitate to select the filter as the recipient of an Editor’s Choice award in the Best Filter System category of the Photography News 2020 Awards. There’s certainly plenty to admire with this system. The entry kit consists of an ND8, an ND64, a polariser, a magnetic adapter, a leather carry pouch and a magnetic lens cap. Meanwhile, the professional kit includes

an added ND1000 filter. Each kit is available in 77mm, 82mm and 95mm. For photographers with multiple lenses, using the filters is as easy as opting for the size of your largest lens and attaching one of Kase’s magnetic step-up rings. Plus, there are even more filters that can be added to kits, epitomising the versatility of this system. There are additional ND filters, neutral night filters – all of which are stackable – and a recently introduced graduated filter adapter. The obvious benefits of the Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter system are its portability and speed, combined with simple and intuitive functionality. It takes the focus away from your gear and on to your photography. While some may not want to carry around a magnetic filter on our lens at all times, like we may with a screw-on, the real beauty of the magnetic system is that doing so is not necessary. They simply snap on or off, meaning you’re ready to capture even the most fleeting of scenes. There’s certainly no downside when it comes to quality, either. The filters

are robust, particularly for their size. They’re made of toughened Pro HD Optical glass, and this is a key element of the filters’ unmatched performance. The quality of the popular Wolverine 100mm filter system is there, albeit in a smaller package. Namely, there’s zero colour cast, outstanding clarity and true neutrality. Its capabilities on these fronts have even been ranked number one in numerous independent tests. For professional-level equipment, the Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter kits are fairly priced, starting at £220. And considering all the gear they contain, that’s really quite a steal. You get every bit of what you pay for with Kase, so if you’re in the market for a new filter system, this one should certainly rank highly as a contender.

For its sheer speed and convenience, I reckon

Kase’s system is hard to beat. I use a magnetic adapter ring on each of my medium format lenses, with a magnetic lens cap attached in the bag. When the creative urge arises, it’s super quick to pop on a filter with no risk of crossed threads. The optical quality is simply superb, too.” Will Cheung–Editor

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