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Strap yourselves in and join us for a photographic tour around the globe in the company of winning images from the 2020 Travel Photographer of the Year competition Travel, first class TPOTY 2020: OVERALL WINNER Vladimir Alekseev, Russia

Vladimir Alekseev is a photographer, traveller, journalist, publisher and chief editor of one of Russia’s mass-media publications. Previous roles include manager of a large Russian advertising agency. He is also president of the National Fund for the Preservation of Spiritual, Cultural and Natural Resources, which implements socially significant projects through photographic art, aimed at the preservation and revival of universal cultural values. He has organised more than 50 photo-research expeditions to various regions of the planet, including the Arctic, Antarctica, Amazon, Patagonia and hard-to-reach regions of Russia. His photos and articles have been published since 2007 in publications such as National Geographic (Russia, Italy, Germany, France), Geo (Germany, France), Around the World , Continent Expedition and many others.

T he Travel Photographer of the Year contest (TPOTY) is one of the world’s most popular and well-supported photographic contests. attracts a huge diversity of imagery, from stunning vistas and incredible nature shots, to wonderful portraits and creative abstracts. Each year is a feast of Now in its 19th year, TPOTY inspirational photography – and this year is no different, despite the challenges of the pandemic. The results are easily comparable to the awesome standard of previous contests. For the 2020 competition, almost 25,000 entries were submitted, from photographers in 147 countries. The overall winner was Vladimir Alekseev, who became TPOTY’s first-ever Russian overall winner. We only have a small selection of the winners on view here, so for this year’s full gallery, please visit the TPOTY website – all previous winning images are up there, too. If you’re feeling motivated to enter, this year’s contest opens in April.


This is the second year in a row that Indigo Larmour has been voted Young Travel Photographer of the Year. Irish by nationality, she was born in Abu Dhabi and has been travelling since she was three weeks old. She has lived in India for the past two-and-

a-half years and, pre-Covid, her family travelled a lot in India, including visiting her grandmother’s birthplace in Assam, and to neighbouring countries including Nepal and Pakistan. Indigo started photography at the age of eight, when she borrowed a camera from her mother on a photo walk in old Dubai. She enjoyed seeing all the rich colours of the spice souk there, and the colours of India captivate her in the same way. She loves chatting to people in markets, where she frequently gets her cheeks pinched – and then asks to take a photo in return! She is truly inspired by people who use photography for activism and to highlight global issues, and would love to incorporate

Far left: Old city, Lahore, Pakistan The Delhi Gate served as the main entrance to Lahore during the Mughal period. Today, it still functions as a busy gateway to the historic old city. It’s not uncommon to see horses and carts passing through the gateway to make deliveries to the people and businesses there. Camera: Nikon D600, 24-85mm lens Exposure: 1/1600sec at f/5.6 and ISO 800 Left: Old city, Lahore, Pakistan The Masjid Wazir Khan is open to worshippers from sunrise, and sometimes people hang around to have a conversation with the caretaker who proudly guards this mosque, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful in Pakistan, with its ornate archways leading from the main building out to the prayer yard. Camera: Nikon D600, 24-85mm lens, Exposure: 1/1000sec at f/7.1 and ISO 800 Images © Indigo Larmour /

more of that into her photography in future.

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