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SUCCESS + EXHIBITIONS + PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENTS + OUTINGS News Camera club Potters Bar&District PS While virtual meets among camera clubs and photographic societies remain, optimism is gaining momentum, with a return to physical meetings and actual exhibitions finally on the horizon. Fingers crossed! Giannis D and is located off the Abu Nuhas Reef. It’s the only wreck I’ve dived,” Peter explains. Graham Adamson won was taken in the Red Sea. “The ship is called the

the cumulative advanced class competition 2020. “While I’m obviously pleased to have won this year’s competition, I don’t think 2020 is about the winning; it’s about the people who’ve enabled members to have a distraction from all that the year has thrown at us,” says Graham. “Watching 70 years of unbroken meetings in person go digital, it is good to see the members who have entered the competitions or supported our website events. May we all be together again in 2021.” The society has planned a full programme of online events lasting until April, and plan to review the situation after that. For more details, take a look at the club’s website. pottersbarphotosoc.

SPRING IS A POPULAR time of the season for annual exhibitions and, traditionally, the results of end-of-year contests. Like most clubs, Potters Bar & District PS has been running contests for projected images, having abandoned the print version during the pandemic. The was taken by Peter Regan. He also won the year-long cumulative general class competition. “This was my first full year at the society,” he says. “I’ve really enjoyed it, even though we’ve spent a lot of time on Zoom. To winner of its Projected Image of the Year 2020 win this prize was quite a surprise, but it’s nice to know that there are people who enjoy my images.” The winning shot (shown left), entitled Shipwrecked,

Malling PS

In February, Malling PS hosted a projected digital image battle via Zoom between 13 clubs from North Kent, with more than 130 attendees. Each club had to submit six images from six different photographers, totalling 78 pictures for Kirsty Ralfs ARPS to judge. Sevenoaks CC, last year’s trophy winners, kept their title with 110 points. Invicta PC finished second with 106 points, and third was Parkwood CC with 104 points. Bexleyheath PS, Crayford CC, Dartford PS, Faversham CC, Gravesend CC, Maidstone CC, Sittingbourne PS and Staplehurst PS were among the other clubs taking part. Displayed below is Dive by Milt Ives from Sevenoaks CC, the judge’s first-place choice. Well done from PN to winners Sevenoaks CC and to all at Malling PS (especially Linton, Hazel and Colin) for hosting the event.

Richmond & Twickenham PS

The RTPS exhibition takes place online from 1 April to 20 May. It’s set to feature more than 300 pictures, hosted in a 3D museum on the Kunstmatrix digital platform. Like a conventional museum, visitors can explore the

Sheffield PS’s annual exhibition 2021 was judged by duo Colin and Chrissie Westgate. All entries were digital and 171 images were selected for the final exhibition. The picture shown right, Amur Leopard by Ian Ruthven, was judged Best Image in the beginners’ category. The exhibition is available to view on the society’s website. Sheffield PS

pictures on their own, or they can be guided around the exhibits. “Visitors can immerse themselves in some stunning landscapes, beautiful wildlife, thought-provoking portraits and innovative street scenes from one of the country’s largest and oldest photographic societies,” says club president, Lorraine Clifton. “The society’s annual exhibition is usually held at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington and hopes to return there in 2022. While no digital encounter can fully emulate the physical experience of visiting an exhibition, Kunstmatrix’s virtual platform comes very close.” RTPS numbers about 120 members and meets on Thursdays at 8pm. For more details, email or visit the website.

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