FEED Autumn 2022 Newsletter

Kurt Heitmann CP Communications and Red House Streaming CEO

What are some of the best ways for businesses to use video? We work with a lot of corporate clients using video to strengthen social media campaigns. Video helps businesses quickly get the point across. In the social media spectrum, it’s more dynamic than a static 2D image – and more engaging than written material. They need to be short and succinct; longer than a TikTok clip, but shorter than a typical YouTube video. We help businesses use video in ways that capture attention by getting straight to the message. Give us your best corporate video success story. We produce and stream a series in-house at our Red House Streaming studios called On the Record with Sarina Fazan. The show’s titular host is a diverse storyteller, booking a wide array of guests, many of whom represent local businesses and non-profits. An organisation called Quantum Leap Farm, that’s focused on improving quality of life and inspiring personal growth through equine-assisted therapies, was a recent guest. They worked with Sarina to bring the story of their company and mission to viewers, via online and social media platforms. Here, we see the lines blurring between broadcast television and corporate video. They leveraged the power of professional studios with a high-quality technology workflow and experienced production crew to get their message to the public. After the show aired and we posted video to their social media feeds and ours, they received one of their biggest donations to date. The donor specifically referenced the programme and social media video as influencing them to donate to Quantum

Leap Farm’s cause. This is a powerful example of corporate video success straight from our studios. Which is your current favourite tool in your video creation workflow? Our ability to do virtual sets. We shoot a lot of programming content with a green screen, so we can flexibly change the environment to suit each show. Dynamic backgrounds are so important to our offering. It’s often just a simple video, and we won’t insert one. But we have a lot of clients that use our studios for product launches or infomercials, and the green screen lets them achieve the look they seek, for branding and other purposes. Once the video is shot with a physical background, it’s there to stay – but we can provide choices after the shoot, thanks to the green screen. This is our favourite tool when it comes to corporate video. What word of warning would you give to a business hoping to expand its video offering? Find a production partner that does more for you than simply shooting a video. I can only support this statement by detailing what we offer, which are professional studio and truck-based control room workflows to produce content – and the ability to stream video directly from our Red House Streaming Production Center. We even offer a white-label OTT channel service through our partners at B-Live. Find a partner that provides the services you need to get your message out there, at a budget you can afford. We are a creative house and full-service production company. We like to say that we help our clients dream it, shoot it and stream it – and that’s exactly what we do.



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