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ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Become an audio pro Forget techniques, creative intention or perfect conditions – the best thing you can do to capture superlative audio is have a tool that works, like the RØDE VideoMic Pro+

SOUND IS A TRICKY BEAST, and while many less experienced video shooters may believe it can be finessed in post, done ‘well enough’ or just overlooked entirely, in actual fact, the best thing you can do is invest in a piece of kit that does all the hard work for you. For enthusiasts, working professionals or virtually anyone else outside high-end filmproduction, that piece of kit is a high-quality, on-camera microphone. There are many options out there, but few offer the levels of quality that come with the RØDE VideoMic Pro+. You would expect nothing less from the brand that pioneered on-camera mics for consumer DSLR cameras, making quality sound design easier andmore accessible than ever before. The Pro+ itself has just been voted Best Video Accessory by our readers in the Photography

News 2020 Awards, so it is a clear user-favourite. Quality is perhaps the be-all-end-all when it comes to sound, just as it is with your images. The clean sound and tone captured by the VideoMic Pro+ is believed by many to be best-in-class, all thanks to the mic’s advanced design. Handling noise is minimised to a great degree by the patented Rycote Lyre suspension system, while an optimised windshield combats the ill effects of high winds. The recording capsule itself has also seen improvements over previous models and, as a shotgunmic, precise directional sound is assured. But it’s the multi-layered Digital Switching capabilities that are most impressive. The fourfold process begins with a two-stage high-pass filter, working to eliminate troublesome low-frequency noises. The three-stage

IMAGES Packed with excellent features and with a thoughtful design, the RØDE VideoMic Pro+ has a place in the kit bag of any filmmaker serious about audio

gain control with +20dBmode is an advanced step that significantly improves direct-to-camera use. Many microphones offer up a continual hiss in quiet scenarios, but with this step you can turn your input down and let the mic capture a flawless recording. Third, high-frequency boost enhances detail and clarity in the high end, offering best results when paired with RØDE's furry windshield. Finally, the safety track feature uses a second quieter channel to ensure even loud, unexpected sounds are perfectly usable. This combination leads to

IMAGES Whether you’re just beginning, looking to expand on your professional stills work or an established videographer, the VideoMic Pro+ is a strong contender

audio of noticeably high quality, with plenty of time being saved in editing. When it comes to build, expect a professional, yet user-friendly design. The VideoMic Pro+ is compact enough to handle comfortably on the smallest of bodies, so portability is a given. An automatic power function takes this further, ensuring battery won’t be lost unnecessarily while on the go – the mic simply powers on and off with your camera. You also get 100 hours of battery use on full charge. On the subject of power, the Pro+ functions on RØDE’s LB-1 rechargeable cell, two AAs, or continuously viaMicro USB. Connectivity to camera comes by way of a 3.5mmTRS cable. Once again, videographers on the move will be pleased by RØDE’s guarantee. While the VideoMic Pro+ is designed to be

used for everything fromorganised shoots to run-and-gun video, and is therefore rugged, a 10-year extended warranty is available simply by registering the mic. So, whether you are committed to new videography endeavours or already a seasoned pro looking for better on-camera performance, the RØDE VideoMic Pro+ is certainly one to watch.

IMAGES Despite the high levels of quality, there’s absolutely no compromise on size and the RØDE will fit comfortably on any modern and compact set-up

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