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GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY With the help of CVP, the GTC had a party to remember

“One can call and speak to somebody who is trained and knows what they’re doing. In terms of support, there’s the stockholding. Recently, I got in touch because I needed half a dozen hand mics for another project I was working on and was told they would be ready for collection the following day.” Global supply chain issues continue to hinder the sector, with many companies unable to meet customers’ demands. However, Edwards notes that CVP’s ability to maintain stock is an example as to why it remains his first choice. What’s more, Edwards says the way the company markets the products is far superior to anything he’s experienced. “The other thing everybody you speak to likes about CVP is the website,” he concludes. “From the day that website went live, it’s been the go-to resource for knowledge. It has more information on it

Having such a long and established relationship with CVP, Edwards says it was the obvious place to source the equipment to film the big event. “I’ve bought mics, batteries, tripods… my first camera channel I bought lock, stock and barrel from CVP,” he says. “What CVP did was allow us to put together a camera hide, so the typical thing that natural history people would spend weeks in shooting frogs mating in the Amazon,” he explains. “CVP also supplied us with a Sony Venice and some support kit.” Edwards says the rationale behind buying his kit from CVP was the fact it employs sales staff he knows. The Studley site is also just 20 minutes from his home in the Cotswolds. “There’s always an alternative, but what CVP offers is support in terms of location and technical knowledge,” Edwards says.

“From the day the CVP website went

live, it’s been the go-to resource for knowledge. It has more info than manufacturers’ sites”

than the manufacturers’ websites. I would probably describe it as class-leading, if not world-leading.” Baxter would be proud.

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TIME TRAVELLER With some vintage tech on display, the GTC celebrations explored the industry’s history


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