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Working with the Devil Doctor Who and Torchwood director Colin Teague explains how you make a blockbuster with poor internet connectivity – and an FX company hit by war

WORDS. Robert Shepherd IMAGES. Mahmoud Youssef & MBC

C olin Teague is one of the most to his name. The first director for the Russell T Davies Doctor Who , plus episodes of spin- off Torchwood and the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures , he was also Bafta- nominated for Being Human and directed The White Queen for BBC/Starz, which secured three Golden Globe nominations. His most recent project saw him fly out to north-east Africa in order to make sought-after directors in the biz, with a slate of large-scale series, miniseries, indie films and dramas

something quite different to his output over the past 20 years. The Devil’s Promise , set and shot in Egypt, is a six-part fantasy thriller written by Tony Jordan ( Hustle , Life on Mars ) along with Anji Loman Field ( EastEnders ). Teague and Jordan had worked together on Saudi thriller series Rashash , so this was their second time collaborating against an Arabian backdrop. Produced by MBC Studios – the Egypt-based subsidiary of Saudi Arabian broadcaster MBC Group – The Devil’s Promise concerns a man called Ibrahim


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