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STAY FOCUSED To the alarm, or perhaps joy, of first assistant cameras everywhere, Samyang has released what’s purported to be the first set of autofocus lenses specifically designed for high-end cinema use. While manual focus pulling is far from a dying art, and will undoubtedly remain standard procedure across virtually all productions, the prospect of autofocus on film sets can’t help but raise an interested eyebrow. For smaller crews, or during sequences that challenge human capabilities, it may prove an invaluable asset. V-AF cine lenses all feature a T1.9 aperture and are currently available in 24, 35 and 75mm focal lengths. New 20 and 45mm options are set to be added in due course. To maintain suitability with current practice, the optics are designed

with follow-focus gearing, spaced equally across the set for efficiency. Resolving power can match an 8K sensor, and there will be a suite of unique focus functions, a focus save feature and a setting which allows addition of personalised modes via firmware.


A helping hand

Schneider-Kreuznach’s Isco4all lenses (below right) are an accessible anamorphic option

Some creative effects could never be imbued directly into a lens – but that’s where filters come in. And few have released such diverse and well-designed options as IB/E Optics. Across the Premium Effect Filters range, filmmakers can find atmospheric colours, bokeh and sunburst flares, romantic diffusion and more. Best of all, these filters provide varying degrees of effects, for more subtle looks throughout a production or a bold statement during a pivotal shot. The brand’s experience with cine lens manufacture is promising as far as unity between optic and filter is concerned; it’s certainly one to watch. With such a wealth of developments within the last few months alone, who can say what the coming years hold – let alone the next nine? If predictions are correct, business will continue to boom, which means never-before- seen production tools, new realms of creative potential and – best of all – more gorgeous cinematography. At Definition , we can’t wait.

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