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Pixomondo and MPC Episodic were the two main VFX vendors, although the producers later brought in a clutch of other companies, including Peerless, Outpost, Viridian, Midas, Frame By Frame and Incessant Rain. Bickerton says Pixomondo made all Unreal content when the team shot on LED screens, and then completed almost all the shots framed beyond the scope of this method.

Fire and Blood of course – were equipped with a minimum of four cameras to give as many options as possible. “The A camera on each unit was an Alexa 65, recording 6.5K Raw and framing for 2:1 by cropping the edges, and the remaining cameras were Alexa LFs recording 4.5K Raw,” he says. “These capture a squarer format that we could use to our advantage if necessary. “We shot spherically. Lenses used were Arri DNA 65mm for the Alexa 65 and Arri DNA LF lenses for LF cameras. We had two Fujinon zooms and carried T lenses for the LFs, which were custom rehoused by Arri for an ‘analogue’ lens texture.”

Did you know? House of the Dragon picks up 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Stormborn and death of her father, Mad King Aerys – the last Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne before Game of Thrones begins.

FANTASY TEAM This no-holds-barred production combines an all-star cast with the crème de la crème of visual effects houses

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