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“I’ve seen first-hand how access to cutting-edge technology can make an enormous difference in the creative process, helping creators save hours of labour and delivering seamless results,” said Third Summit CEO Matt Cimaglia. “We created Alteon to help democratise the creative industry, giving everyone access to the world-class cloud-based tools once exclusive to major studios.” The Alteon workflow extension is now included on the Final Cut Pro ecosystem page, and is currently available on the Mac App Store.

All-in-one hub has officially joined Apple’s Final Cut Pro ecosystem with a new extension that lets post- production creatives complete an end-to- end workflow, all within the program. This includes downloading files, syncing with remote collaborators, leaving comments for external review and uploading media. Alteon will continue to support and upgrade its workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, adding deeper integrations and more options for streaming, rendering and syncing keywords and comments.

17. JANUARY 2023

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