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he adds. “I think it’s the closest to a cinematic experience you can get on a small screen. Those Signature lenses give just another level of richness and width – they are simply that bit more expansive. I adored them; wider and with a more anamorphic feel.” LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Based on the banks of the Nile, Cairo has a vast array of edifices that have been touched by different periods of history. Teague says this only adds to the charm of the Egyptian capital as a filming location. “The city has so many layers – there’s centuries-old architecture, yet you can see every decade from the 20th century on every building,” he says. “They don’t take anything off or knock anything down – things are stuck on top of each other – in this wonderful metropolis with a timeless, fascinating feel.” While the location and production crews were the best Teague and his team could ask for, ancient Cairo – indeed Egypt in general – lacks some of the infrastructure required by a high-end, big-budget production. “I think the 2:1 ratio is the closest to a cinematic experience you can get on a small screen”

ROOM WITH A VIEW A commitment to Arri Signature Prime lenses gave this television series a beautifully filmic and anamorphic aesthetic

“Unfortunately for them [the Egyptians], connectivity is a real issue,” explains Teague. “The infrastructure isn’t quite there yet. If you think a Zoom call from London to Cairo can be problematic, imagine uploading and downloading in Egypt. “The edit team back in the UK was consistently several filming days behind everyone else – but thankfully we had a strong post-production team and house unit to iron out the issues as they cropped up. Improved bandwidth is the next step for the Egyptians.” Watch The Devil’s Promise on Shahid VIP

GO LOCAL Teague had no problems finding talented industry professionals in Cairo to help run a slick operation. As he points out, the Egyptian film industry is older than the UK’s, so there’s a rich heritage and plenty of talent to be found

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