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“CVP has been so receptive and supportive of our ambitions from the moment we reached out”

happen. “What we do is still very new, so kit designed for our needs is limited,” says Ilabaca. “You require bodily freedom, while still being able to capture the cinematic look with a gimbal or any other tool. There’s a vast amount of potential to develop kit specifically for that. “I use the Freefly Movi Pro with the RED Komodo as my go-to lightweight set- up. There’s an extensive custom set-up on the gimbal – it’s all about finding efficient and versatile camera handling.” “I love the Movi for its ability to handle bigger camera packages, which is particularly useful on commercial shoots,” adds Sutton. “The RED is fantastic, though. It has the full array of features required for virtually any project and is essentially the size of an action cam – perfect for our needs.” “Global shutter is another important feature,” Ilabaca says. “It’s an absolute essential when we’re going one way and our performer is going the other.” The lack of entirely perfected kit is an ongoing journey, Ilabaca says. “Our

particular requirements have actually been a large part of ongoing conversations with the consultants at CVP – who take a camera and work with us to build and design a tailored solution. We acquire gear frequently and really feel we have developed a relationship, and always have a good experience. We have loads of ideas in development, including a pre-vis studio which would essentially be a battleground, designed for testing all types of equipment in the context of what we do. “There’s gear we’d love to try – the DJI RS 2, for example. It’s a great product, but there’s no way of knowing exactly what it could be used for. Could it withstand our process? Could we put an Arri Alexa on there and move freely? Could I be confident on a commercial set? Developing a modular space and being able to go to set and use tried-and-tested gear will allow us to take things further. We’d also like to present those unique reviews to an audience.” Ilabaca concludes: “Ultimately, it takes a company like CVP, which has access to such a broad range of gear. It’s a door that can make an idea like this tangible. Nothing is set in stone, but CVP has been so receptive and supportive of our ambitions from the moment we reached out.” If their work is anything to go by, with the right support, you would be hard pressed to see any kind of limit on the horizon for Stunt Camera Crew.

BUILD YOUR PERFECT CAMERA AT CVP NEWMAN STREET CVP is RED’s exclusive UK Distributor and only UK Certified Service Centre. Its Fitzrovia showrooms are home to a full spectrum of production equipment – ready to see, combine and evaluate. Visitors are supported by creative and technical staff, who are committed to finding the right solution for every production need. To book a demo or to explore the Newman House showroom, call 020 8380 7400, email or visit


ABOVE Ilabaca currently uses the Freefly Movi Pro with the RED Komodo as a lightweight set-up

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