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INDUSTRY BRIEFINGS The latest news, views and hot tips from the world of video production. This month: LED volume and intimate conversations

LED volume and the developing capture technology that comes with it is most certainly on the rise. In recent issues, we’ve explored the current state of this cutting- edge innovation, studied its use on set, and questioned how far it may be taken in the future. In another telling sign of things to come, Arri has opened its own mixed- reality studio in Uxbridge, London. Available for UK-based productions to hire, the space is equipped with 343 sq m of LED wall, making it one of the largest fixed locations of its kind. It was installed in partnership with NEP Live Events and specialist firm, Creative Technology. The volume’s main ‘in vision’ curve offers a sizeable backdrop for wider frames, at 30m in width and 5m in height. Two moveable and tiltable side screens – 3m wide by 4m high – and an 18m-wide curved MAKING VIRTUAL A REALITY

ABOVE Arri’s mixed-reality studio is equipped with a massive 343 sq m LED wall

– even when not in frame – cast dynamic lighting on to performers. Bookings can be made for feature films, television, commercial shoots and events. Camera, grip and lighting packages are supplied by Arri Rental through the adjoining facility.

back wall create a fully encapsulated space. A 9.6x9.6m height-adjustable ceiling panel completes the design. Advancing the technology and creative potential beyond many comparable volumes, Arri’s LED arena can be programmed to display 360° images that

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