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“Now larger format photography in digital form has become more affordable, filmmakers can enjoy the benefits”

Sundeep Reddy, regional manager for cinema products at Zeiss Europe, says its Supreme and Supreme Prime Radiance models are used on features, TV dramas, commercials and music videos, while VFX shoots are implementing the lenses’ extended data capability. “Many of the newer generation of lenses designed for LF cinematography are smart lenses able to output advanced metadata,” says Reddy. “I believe there is a need for more lens metadata – it’s a game changer for VFX and its workflows.” SOLVING THE DATA ISSUE demonstrably beneficial, LF/full- frame does have some drawbacks, particularly in terms of operations, workflows and storage. “LF is wonderful for cinematographers, hard on camera assistants,” explains Adams at Arri. “If a camera assistant says they need an additional tool to help them keep the image in focus, give it to them. LF increases their workload dramatically. You’re also recording As with any new advance in technology, even one that is

limited by the equipment they choose,” he comments. “Their primary decision-making when it comes to camera and lens is the look of the image and how it can be an important part – albeit subconsciously to the viewer – of the storytelling. The sensor size has just become another aspect of how they can shape their final image.” Fujifilm also saw an opportunity to provide a new option: high-quality LF zoom lenses that matched existing LF primes. “There were only a few sets of ‘real’ high-end Cine glass available, and very little in the way of zooms that matched quality expectations,” says Cattrall. “Now, the price points have shifted and LF has become much more accessible. More lenses have become available as well, so DOPs have a greater choice regarding which glass to use for shaping their images.” Cattrall adds that Premista zoom lenses are being used for feature films, but particularly for VFX work. Another leading lens developer, Zeiss, has concentrated more on prime optics for the LF market.

ABOVE The Fujifilm Premista zoom lenses work exceptionally well in feature films

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