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“We were backing up as much as 500GB of footage – and all that data was transferred in under 20 minutes”

plenty of reviewing. It was essential to ensure shots were sharp and the styling was captured perfectly. Of course, with that, playback needed to be fast and smooth. “On set, I’ve been using a very modern laptop and, paired with the Samsung portable drive, the capabilities are just incredible. I colour-corrected some 6K ProRes Raw footage recently, and even with those huge files, the rendering and editing process itself was virtually flawless.” Modern processes certainly require tools that can keep up. It seems this surprised Naylor most of all. “It’s a device that lets you look at your whole workflow and how it can be handled. Everything I’m shooting is at least 4K, everything is ProRes Raw 4:2:2 or higher, so these are very sizeable files.” He adds: “You know you have to back those up, and without fast transfer drives like this, the idea is constantly in your head. You’re thinking, ‘That’s going to take an hour,

so I need to make time’, whereas with the Samsung drive, you pop it in and it’s done in 20 minutes. That’s incredibly freeing.” It’s not just all tech, though. The Portable SSD T7 Touch also features a sleek and compact design, equipped with an intuitive fingerprint scanner for up to four users. It’s fast, secured with AES 256-bit encryption and built with the user in mind. “It’s perfect for working remotely,” says Naylor. “With a laptop, you can rig a little pouch to the back and the Samsung sits there very nicely. You can also carry more portable drives in less space than some single HDDs, which is crucial at times. I’m about to go on a shoot abroad and need to pack light, so I’d really like to purchase a few of these for myself by then.” In closing, Naylor is yet another happy soon-to-be customer. His final thoughts on the drive are concise. “It just does the job and does it very well. You can’t ask more of a piece of kit.”

ABOVE The Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch proved a powerful companion to Naylor’s laptop, resulting in a flawless rendering and editing process


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