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NO GREY IN THIS HOSPITAL DOP Alicia Robbins explains how she was able to illuminate the complexities of the Grey’s Anatomy hospital setting, using Astera LED tubes

THIS IS DEFINITELY a moment for Astera. Cinematographers all over the world are loving the flexibility the company offers with its tubes, and DOP Alicia Robbins is no exception. For her work on Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy – incorporating the Covid-19 pandemic into its storyline – she used a version of Astera LEDs in every single interior scene. There were many different reasons for this, but one of the biggest was that the tubes were able to blend seamlessly with the overhead fluorescent lights of a hospital setting. She explains: “When we had doctors standing around the patients’ beds, we hung Helios tubes in Kino Flo casings from the ceilings above them, which served as their key light. Since many of the actors were wearing PAPR [full head-covering PPE gear with a plastic face shield], these lights were often

TOP From remote controls to hanging the tubes on their own, Astera lighting is versatile – andespecially well suited to a hospital setting

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