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In light of growing interest around the topic of sustainability, Bebob has shared more insight into its current engagement. The action plan is fourfold. Regional production is the first step, ensuring transport routes are limited to just a few miles, while also reducing CO2 emissions. When Bebob’s batteries are transported and sold, they’re done so in uncoloured, recyclable cardboard packaging with zero plastic. Foam, polystyrene and bubble wrap have also been replaced by biodegradable flakes in most instances. That’s step two. Third, Bebob has a unique battery re-celling approach, with all products designed in such a way that the original cells can be replaced when they lose performance. It’s environmentally friendly, but also more economical as far as production or user budgets are concerned. By using screws on the cell housing to this effect, environmentally harmful adhesives common in the industry are avoided. Finally, when batteries do reach the end of their life, Bebob recycles almost every part, with the help of the CCR REBAT return system. A free postal service is offered for customers returning Bebob batteries for responsible disposal – or those of any other brand.

consumption by 70%. We also recommend incorporating digital production processes, by using collaboration platforms for planning schedules, but even for shooting scenes. Host , the tiny British horror film conceived and made in lockdown, was all done remotely via Zoom. That’s quite a lot of responsibility for one (or two) departments. Is there someone in charge to make sure everyone complies? BOURNS: Yes, that person is called a green runner – and we’ve seen an increasing number of productions hiring them. But the role sounds quite hectic, because they’re often the only person concerned with sustainability on set. I heard of one green runner who told cast and crew to make sure they finish all food on their plates, because otherwise it will go to waste. Then another who was able to get thousands of dead fish – which were used for filming – to a seal sanctuary so they weren’t wasted. It’s a huge undertaking, but one way to empower green runners is to get them involved in pre-planning phases, where key decisions are made: the sets to be constructed, how supplies are procured, locations, etc.

ABOVE The Peaky Blinders production has always stayed on home soil, even employing a local crew to cut down emissions associated with travel

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