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recently made a deal rumoured to be worth $30 million with former Twitch streamer, Ludwig. The platform’s willingness to spend on its creators demonstrates its recognition of their value – commercial and otherwise. 2021: VERTICAL VIDEOS YouTube has had its fair share of healthy competition. Arguably its oldest (but not its most formidable) competitor, Vimeo – founded in 2004 – preceded YouTube in supporting high-definition playback. In early 2013, Vine hit the market, unleashing a new desire for short-form content via 1:1, six-second, looping videos. The platform was incredibly popular yet short-lived, shutting down a mere four years later. Around that time, TikTok went international, finding its success exacerbated by the pandemic – and Instagram released Reels. YouTube Shorts, which was launched in 2021, was an answer to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Shorts are vertical videos as opposed to the usual landscape format – with a maximum length of 60 seconds. They’re designed to be viewed via smartphone, ideal for consuming on the go or in a rush. In the brief period since YouTube Shorts’ inception, daily view counts YOUTUBE RECENTLY ADDED SHORTS TO ITS PARTNER PROGRAM

2023 AND BEYOND YouTube offers endless opportunities to individual creators, big businesses and everyone in-between. Whether a 17-second clip, travel vlog, music video or live stream, there’s something to be shared and gained on the platform. Building an audience is always risky, and given YouTube’s magnitude it seems like competition for attention is never-ending. But it’s also a place where almost anything will land. Because it’s creator- and consumer- focused, YouTube will almost definitely continue to shape the VOD industry. How broadcasters, streamers and others adapt is up to them.

have surpassed 30 billion. As of December 2022, the platform had more overall monthly viewers than TikTok, with 1.5 billion versus 1 billion. Those viewers, however, could be consuming a range of content, from long-form videos to Shorts or live streams. YouTube remains a video behemoth, a jack-of-all-trades; it’s difficult to quantify its success. Unlike with TikTok, creators are at the heart of YouTube. “YouTuber is a job title,” says Jaeki Cho of Righteous Eats. It recently added Shorts to its Partner Program, attracting short- form creators and urging long-form creators to try a new medium. YouTube and TikTok are separated by more than their financial strategies; the platforms each cater to different generations. YouTube is most popular with millennials; those between 25 and 34 years old account for more than 30% of all users. TikTok, on the other hand, is a young person’s platform, with gen Z and gen alpha spending more time on there than on YouTube. This may be because millennials came of age alongside YouTube – and that same thing is happening with younger generations and TikTok.

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