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every five minutes, it’s reasonable to assume that a more targeted approach is the answer. “FAST has reimagined that, where you’re spending less overall time on ads and get longer intervals between them. They’re finding that keeps people engaged in viewing more, thus making the advertising more effective. You don’t need to pump people full of ads, you can instead hit them with smaller slices of much more effective ones.” ADVERTISING REIMAGINED NAB Show 2023 saw Harmonic showcasing its VOS360 SaaS, which demonstrated a coming together of two market-leading technologies – as it came integrated with Mirriad’s virtual product placement insertion technology. “The amount of interest that we’ve gotten for that since NAB has been tremendous,” Gambino emphasises. “It’s been driving a lot of our sales pipeline – talking to broadcasters about how to implement it. Again, because it’s less disruptive for the viewer. Advertisers already know and love product placement, and this is a way to do it without necessarily creating the content with it in mind.” VOS360 SaaS offers unparalleled agility, resilience, security and scalability for a superior viewing experience, with server-side ad insertion for monetisation and personalisation features. Mirriad’s integration increases ad inventory by enabling premium monetisation, without increasing the number of minutes of commercials shown. “What we are able to do is a deep analysis of a video and say, ‘Okay, we could put a billboard here, or put ads on the side of a van there, or place a product bag on the kitchen table.’ Then you go to brands that you have direct advertising relationships with and decide what works best for them.” VOS360 allows viewers to have a more cohesive story when it comes to the ads they see, an approach that has proved to be more profitable as a result when it comes to purchases. LASHINGS OF LOW LATENCY For the content owners, successful monetisation unlocks the crucial need to scale to meet the expectations of live sports consumption. “We often talk about the failures of active platforms out there, and the ability to address the crushing demand of sports fans to watch sports,” Gambino continues. YOU DON’T NEED TO PUMP PEOPLE FULL OF ADS, YOU CAN HIT THEM WITH SLICES OF EFFECTIVE ONES

“What we have seen is that you could either have low latency or you could have targeted advertising. But trying to design a system that did both was really hard. And we’ve cracked that nut.” VOS360 Ad SaaS allows best-in-class targeted delivery to millions of concurrent viewers for sports livestreaming as well as a host of streaming applications including linear, VOD, FAST, IPTV and low-latency livestreaming. It is a solution that successfully answers the critical need for an advertisement monetisation option that is both open and scalable. “It’s really all about making the most of your viewers’ consumption time,” concludes Gambino. “It’s about making sure your ads are just as effective as the content, and instead of pushing viewers away, they actually continue to soak them in, all the while retaining a low-latency experience.” To learn more about how Harmonic can help you to ensure a successful content monetisation ad strategy, head to harmonicinc.com


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