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COUNTRY: United Kingdom STARTED: 2021 LOUPER

What’s your origin story? My name is Alex Williams, I’m a film editor and CEO of Louper. Frustrated with the lack of effective and affordable ways to collaborate in real time on video post-production products, I started Louper to solve this problem for myself. Rapid product development and excellent feedback from early adopters led to fast growth for the product – and the company. Today, Louper is used by thousands of people working in media & entertainment across feature films, television and advertising content, to save hours on the back-and-forth feedback process and collaborate on creative projects as if they were physically together. What is the company working on right now? Expansion of the product offering to cater to Hollywood studios and major advertising agencies in the US and Europe. What is the next step? An expanded feature set to better support colour-critical post- production workflows with support for 10-bit SDR and HDR video, as well as surround-sound audio. What one thing does the business need most? Talented, hard-working people with a drive to change the face of collaboration for the media & entertainment industry.


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