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What’s your origin story? My name is Vincent Bruneau, CEO of Sparkup. We live in a world where livestreaming technology has made huge advances to let viewers engage with content wherever they are. However, traditional broadcast networks still deliver a viewer-only experience, and most of the livestreaming platforms are limiting audience interactions to a live chat. Communication tends to be one way, and the audience feels left out. The larger the audience, the more risk it feels excluded. Attentions are strained. Engagement is down. Producers are left wondering if the effort was worth it. Being engaged is about more than just sharing time and information. It’s about sharing insight and creative energy. It’s about bonding, building trust, collaborating and moving forward together. There’s untapped potential for audience participation. We set out to change this. We created Sparkup: a platform that helps broadcasters, producers and event professionals grab and hold their audience’s attention, while helping them to participate – interaction with deeper engagement. What is the company working on right now? At Sparkup, we enable producers and broadcasters to create new interactive TV and event formats that bring viewers into the on-stage action. We’re working right now on making this solution suitable for Massive Interactive Live Events (MILEs), helping broadcasters unlock a global audience and interact with millions of people in real time. We‘re also creating templates for individual use cases so our customers can build a particular kind of event quickly and professionally. For instance, Sparkup for Chat Shows – this gives many different configurations of chat show hosts and guests which can be chosen to build the show around. What is the next step? We recently went to broadcast shows and learned there are at least 35 use cases for our product in the industry. We are working on each of these so our product is ready for any one of them to log in and build their show. The next step for us is to bring features to our SaaS platform that will help broadcasters and producers create even more social, interactive and immersive experiences for the viewers. What one thing does the business need most? Right now, we need pioneering customers that recognise the need for progress in their use of streaming. So many industries are stuck using Zoom or any of the other communications platforms – or creating videos – when they could be producing live, interactive shows!

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