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Live events are the ultimate culprits for churning out staggering quantities of data. The Signiant Platform has got you covered

Words by Scott Carroll, senior manager of marketing and communications, Signiant

ive broadcasts, whether they be news or awards shows, political debates, sports or


Quickly send and securely access any size file from anywhere with Media Shuttle

esports events, require a surprising amount of file-based content before, during and after production. For fast turnarounds of highlights, segments, promotional packages and social media content, producers often transfer footage to a central facility, usually for editing, formatting and packaging. Content then flows to various outlets or back to the venue for playout. Transferring and accessing large pools of content poses significant challenges using traditional methods, particularly in a live environment. FILE ACCELERATION Live event productions generate staggering amounts of data that can only be fully utilised and monetised with a highly automated, accelerated file transfer solution. One OB truck at a sporting event might generate 2000 clips, with longer tournaments generating up to 40,000 from multiple trucks. When choosing Signiant’s patented file acceleration technology, live event producers ensure content

flows steadily out of the truck to those who need it, almost in real time. The Signiant Platform provides SaaS that quickly and securely delivers content to and from venues. Before and during events, graphics and pre-produced content must be delivered to the site. With advanced support for growing files (see video below), camera feeds can now move over standard IP networks to be captured in near real time, far from the venue, for use by content teams while the files are still transferring! EMPOWERING MOBILE TEAMS Producers often use small, mobile teams with fly-kits for ancillary coverage at live events. To keep gear lightweight and nontechnical, mobile teams turn to Signiant Media Shuttle for person- initiated file transfers,

get remote access to – or share any size file from – anywhere within the internet-connected world at speeds up to 100x faster than the standard methods, without any restriction on file size. MEDIA SHUTTLE Sports producers were among the first to embrace Media Shuttle, part of the Signiant Platform, for person- initiated file transfers. Its intrinsic ease of use and deployment aligns perfectly with the time-sensitive, unforgiving nature of live production. Shuttle is the de facto standard for all sizes of media company to send, share and access large video files for everything from sports and music events, to feature film and episodic TV, VFX and AR/VR. How could your next production benefit from the Signiant Platform? Read more: signiant.com/platform

easily sending clips and edited segments from anywhere. Mobile teams can transfer footage back to permanent facilities by employing any internet connection and Media Shuttle. Even in remote places, it can make the most of poor internet connection. Media Shuttle users can securely and easily

WATCH ME! The Signiant Platform supports working with growing files


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