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Story Studio Network is an exclusive podcast production experience that builds brands, voices and messaging with a full team of award-winning executive producers, major network journalists, skilled professional talk show hosts and experienced audio engineers. Its mission is to create provocative, best-in-class branded content that allows businesses, their brands and listeners to thrive, connect and start real conversations about issues that matter. Learn more at storystudionetwork.com POD-MARKETING

FEED: Talk us through the Story Studio Network process when approached by a new client.

ERIN TRAFFORD: The first thing we do is make sure they are a fit for the network, and it’s not a case of simply wanting to get a marketing message out. It’s finding out if they actually have something they stand for because that makes for a stronger show. The process that follows is then a very creative one. We bring the customer’s team – along with whoever is involved in the production – in and have a ‘spaghetti session’. This is where we get them to throw ‘spaghetti’ at us and the wall for about 90 minutes, often starting with

preconceived notions and plans. Our team takes that spaghetti away and straightens it out. We put it through an editorial lens and bring it back to the client for review. Ten out of ten times, it doesn’t end up looking the way the client thought it was going to look. Then, when that gets approved, we move on to chasing and booking the guests, then dealing with the production side and so on. Usually, the whole process is about three to four months before we push anything to market. It’s very involved in that respect.



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