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What’s your origin story? Our names are Aran and Ben and we are the co-founders of Hydrologiq. Born out of a passion to nullify the greenhouse gas impact society is having on the planet, we came together to significantly reduce CO2 emissions globally. We needed to find a problem small enough to start on, and big enough to matter. In tackling diesel-powered off-grid machinery, starting with diesel generators, we found that problem. You can start with one generator and scale to millions that are producing tonnes of carbon annually. Hydrogen is the long-term answer to diesel, it is perfect for off-grid applications with a high energy demand, requiring continuous utilisation. However, accessing hydrogen plants and generators is hard for end users and we knew we had to make this easier – otherwise diesel generators would remain the solution. What is the company working on right now? We are focused on helping diesel generator users in film and TV, construction and events to adopt and deploy hydrogen-powered generators. We bring the entire supply chain for hydrogen-powered generators together in an easy-to- access, tailored way. Primarily, we do this through our managed service that takes the stress out of hydrogen generator deployments – key to this is our underlying software and hardware platform. What is the next step? To make hydrogen generators a common feature for off-grid power. We want to enable the transition by growing awareness of hydrogen generators and, crucially, working with end users to ensure hydrogen solutions and the supply chain are developed to meet customer needs. All too often, tech-heavy innovations fall into the trap of a tech push rather than a customer pull, leading to solutions that don’t really answer customer needs. Through our platform, the data it gathers and our open model around supply chain collaboration and integration, we aim to fast-track the development of the hydrogen market to make up for the two centuries diesel has had to mature and become ubiquitous, specifically in the off-grid power generation market. What one thing does the business need most? Collaborative collective engagement from end users, project funders and the hydrogen supply chain on how we all tackle the inescapable fact that there will be increased costs in moving away from diesel. The old adage ‘nothing in life is free’ also applies to achieving net zero for generators. If we want to cut our emissions locally and in our supply chains, we will have to pay more in the short term.


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