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OUTSIDE THE BOX Livestream Facilities’ OB van is fitted with the Atomos Shogun Studio 2 (right), centralising its recording capabilities into one mobile set-up

Livestream Facilities also employs the Atomos Shogun as an on-camera monitor. “In this way, camera operators can switch between the program signal and their own camera signal – or even both signals in a split screen,” suggests de Graaff. The company doesn’t currently use the Shogun as a recorder, but as he continues: “in any case, the possibility is there!” KNOWN QUANTITY For Livestream Facilities, the decision to use Atomos was a no-brainer. This shift towards live has led to networks and operators looking to fresh faces and industry trailblazers like Atomos for equipment that ensures secure live delivery – a vendor whose tools they trust. “Atomos is very accessible in pricing,” states de Graaff. “Other brands make similar products,

but I don’t see why I should pay so much more for something equally easy to use and understand, just as high-quality and with quick customer support.” De Graaff also cites Atomos’ popularity among camera operators as a green flag. “The good thing is that many other camera operators use Atomos, so almost everyone is familiar with the products.” This allows for a reduced learning curve, as well as reliability and a shared confidence-in-ability among industry professionals and operators alike. With assistance from Atomos, Livestream Facilities can “bring together a substantive, creative and technical concept for each and every customer,” de Graaff concludes. Whether in the country or city, inside or outdoors, at a large-scale or intimate event, an Atomos-fitted OB van allows the Livestream team to record an entire day’s worth of content with a single unit.


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