FEED Autumn 2023 Web

REDEFINING EVERY ELEMENT Given the encouraging numbers, it’s no surprise to find AI being implemented at other stages of production, too – and even on material that might already have been shot. Vinayak Shrivastav is the CEO and co-founder of Magnifi, home of a stable of tools intended to compile sports highlights in a way that would recently have been done by hand – and which carefully targets an audience that might be incredibly specific. “Magnifi began exploring AI technology when it was founded in 2016,” Shrivastav begins. “We were driven by the idea of creating more content in less time with minimal manual effort, making video editing democratic and accessible. The partners came from different fields, but they had the same ideas… there’s a growing demand for high-quality video content that’s device-friendly.”

Built into the suite is a system that enables users to identify the most exciting and engaging content in a given stream – to ‘recognise moments of hype,’ as Shrivastav puts it. “There’s also a fully featured video-editing experience, in collaboration with Illusto, with re-sizing and auto-flip capabilities, integration with media assets as well as content management systems, so Magnifi fits into the broader ecosystem.” Actually assembling those crucial highlight reels relies – according to Shrivastav – on “a storytelling engine, which allows users to search and prompt for video content from an internal database of tagged and metadata-ready clips. The engine then combines these clips into a cohesive view, which users can easily enhance through both simple and advanced edits, transforming them into highlights or even complete movies.”


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