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kay, we’re doing this. Welcome to the autumn issue of FEED , where we attempt to tackle arguably the biggest tech topic of 2023. Conversational AI tools, chatbots, whatever you want to call them, have dominated headlines for the last year. A lack of understanding of the ethics surrounding the AI-powered tools has led to a series of legal battles, political confusion and social media fails. But, fears aside, this mightily powerful tech is redefining almost every industry in the world at an exponential rate. Speaking of, this issue also delves into the ways broadcasters are cleverly leveraging AI, and how vendors are increasingly integrating it into media solutions. 5G has only just been rolled out, but we are already thinking about what’s next. We have an exploration of the potential offered to M&E by 6G in this issue’s

Future Shock. Also, don’t miss Genius Interview, where we meet broadcaster turned podcast producer Erin Trafford – who shares her insight on the closing gap between the two media models. Meanwhile, the latest Xtreme shares updates on all things sports graphics, as well as a data-related case study exploring the IPL cricket tournament. This issue comes on a bittersweet note, however, as we wave goodbye to FEED ’s head designer Man-Wai Wong. Over the years, Man-Wai has delivered edition after edition of wickedly creative designs, shaping FEED into the iconic brand we know it as today. Exceptional talent aside, he is a good friend and will be sorely missed. Be sure to fully appreciate his final work in this issue, and head to our digital library to delight at his large portfolio of FEED design ingenuity. Goodbye, and good luck!

This month’s cover illustration was created by Man-Wai Wong at Bright Publishing

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