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based Amazon EC2 instances help customers like Channel 4 reduce their carbon footprints by using up to 60% less energy for the same performance as comparable x86-based instances, while also providing up to 40% better performance. WHO RUNS THE WORLD? Other news from the summit included a report from the data analytics firm Beauhurst, exploring female founders of tech start-ups and demonstrating their determination to defy trends in investment deals. Research shows tech companies with at least one woman founder have grown from £71.5m in 2013 to £1.85b in 2022. The number of these deals has jumped from 103 to 850 in the same period. But despite this, start-up tech companies with at least one woman founder are still underrepresented in terms of private funding, receiving just 8.96% of equity investment made into high-growth technology businesses in the UK. TECH COMPANIES WITH AT LEAST ONE WOMAN FOUNDER HAVE GROWN FROM £71.5M TO £1.85B

The report shines a light on the UK’s funding landscape – with a focus on women tech founders and other underrepresented entrepreneurs – to show where progress is being made and highlight opportunities to further support diversity. Additional key insights include: y UK company incorporations with at least one female director increased from 211,000 in 2013 to 272,000 in 2022. But they only represent 34.2% of 796,000 total incorporations in 2022. y Between 2013 and 2022, the value of deals secured by tech companies with one or more

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founders from outside the UK rose from £794m to £12.6b; meanwhile, the number of deals increased from 765 to 2784.


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