FEED Autumn 2023 Web

Words by Verity Butler

June saw the FEED team head over to London’s Excel for the latest from the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud provider

eginning its lifespan in a similar fashion to a stamp collection, AWS started as Amazon’s side project in 2006.

entry of these businesses into this exhilarating new technological era. AWS summits are free events that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate and educate. Held in cities across the globe, they attract technologists from all industries and skill levels who want to learn more about how AWS can help them innovate quickly and deliver flexible solutions at scale. A GENERATIVE GENERATION The day was crammed with keynotes, speakers and seminars to target the range of trades present. We made sure to attend the session ‘Generative AI industry accelerators for enterprise transformation,’ where representatives from AWS and its partner Accenture delivered insights into how enterprises can leverage this pervasive technology. The Accenture Amazon Web Services Business Group combines the resources, technical expertise and industry knowledge of both Accenture and AWS. It aims to enable businesses to accelerate the pace of digital innovation and realise incremental advancements in value from cloud adoption. It’s no wonder that the next step of this partnership’s

Fast-forward to 2023, and AWS is cloud royalty. Of course, there are so many other offerings out there, but as of 2023, AWS is considered the household name. Here are some metrics to highlight this: y AWS accounted for 32% of the cloud infrastructure services market in Q2 2021. y It generated a revenue of $13.5 billion in Q2 2021 – representing a growth rate of 37% over the previous year. y It is used by one million active customers across 190 countries. That’s what made this year’s AWS Summit in London even more pivotal. Centralising its deep well of customers in London’s Excel conference centre, the summit saw swathes of visitors from broadcast to fintech and banks to insurance firms. Everybody was there to learn how the cloud giant is coping with the ever-changing tech landscape; and most importantly, how it can help facilitate the


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