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C hennai Super Kings (2023 champions)

its data infrastructure, Mux has the capacity to support broadcasters who have streamed some of the largest sporting events in history, including numerous Super Bowls and World Cups, and to reach tens of millions of concurrent viewers. Mux delivers streaming analytics with lower latency than any alternative available to the industry, and it does so at an unprecedented scale. With just a few lines of code, companies can get real-time analytics at a world-leading scale, understand their streaming data, monitor user engagement, and improve the quality of experience for viewers. Thousands of companies, including Paramount, Fox, TF1, Optus, Vimeo and PBS rely on Mux’s APIs to distribute the highest-quality video experiences while providing actionable insights along the way. And together with Mux Video, developers can also MUX MONITORS WHETHER A VIEWER IS HAVING A PERFECT EXPERIENCE – OR RUNNING INTO PROBLEMS

Delhi Capitals Gujarat Titans

K olkata Knight Riders L ucknow Super Giants Mumbai Indians Punjab Kings Rajasthan Royals R oyal Challengers Bangalore Sunrisers Hyderabad

build video into their products quickly, reliably and at a global scale. BOWLING FANS OVER “We started Mux seven years ago with the mission of helping companies stream video better,” begins Jon Dahl. “In my time with Zencoder, the previous company I started, I found myself talking to a lot of large video platforms struggling to get good data about video. That is quite major: when you think of the landscape today, you can’t run software without great analytics, metrics or monitoring. Video was a really underserved area.” He continues: “Mux Data monitors what users actually see when they’re watching a video. Whether that’s on TV, a mobile app or a web player, Mux is monitoring things like buffering, quality, quality of experience (QoE) and assessing whether a viewer is having a perfect, seamless experience – or if they are running into problems.”


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