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Providing a fully monitored and managed global network, LTN Wave is helping broadcasters around the world to achieve a stress-free migration to IP

INTELLIGENT REROUTING AND ERROR DETECTION Near-lossless transmission using a wide footprint of ISPs and data centres for intelligent rerouting and pre- emptive, automatic error detection

INDUSTRY-LEADING PERFORMANCE LTN enables secure, high-quality delivery through the industry’s only fully monitored and managed, zero- downtime global network

CHANNEL VERSIONING Business-policy-driven advanced workflows such as custom advertisement profiles, content replacement and blackouts

COMPLETE VISIBILITY AND CONTROL Best-in-class monitoring for every element of the live video transmission path with proactive, automated alerts for guaranteed packet delivery

ULTRA-LOW LATENCY LTN is a leader in ultra-low-latency transmission with under 200ms latency in North America and under 300ms latency worldwide

ALWAYS-ON, FULLY MANAGED SERVICE Experts supervise all flows around the clock and can assist with troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, configuration and more


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