FEED Autumn 2023 Web

The European League of Football (ELF) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together to streamline how European League of Football games are broadcast to fans worldwide. By leveraging AWS’s cloud- based remote production tools and infrastructure, all 107 games during the 2023 season will begin to see positive impacts via lower video latency, better quality, more reliability, lower costs to produce and a reduction in the League’s environmental footprint. “Our collaboration with AWS allows us, as the first pan-European sports league, to remotely produce our 2023 season using the AWS Cloud,” said Zeljko Karajica, CEO of European League of Football. “Directors, graphics designers, operators, sound engineers and other technicians no longer need to travel to the game venue. With this, we estimate we can achieve a reduction of over 300 tons of CO2 emissions this season. We are delighted to be pioneers in Europe by implementing such innovative production technology in cooperation with AWS. “What the European League of Football has managed to achieve in just three weeks with AWS is incredible, and a testament to the power of the cloud,” said Marc Aldrich, general manager, global media & entertainment, at AWS. “The fan experience is central to any sports production, and by moving its production pipeline into the cloud, the European League of Football will be able to create more memorable match broadcasts that let fans dive deeper into the game. We can’t wait to see how this architecture continues to evolve as well as what it enables.” FOOTBALL IN THE CLOUD


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