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Hähnel Module Creative Lantern Kit

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Creative Lantern Kit: £59.99 Module 360 or 600 Clamp (max widths 64mm/80mm): £10 ›  In the box Six colour gel filters: blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. Lantern diffuser, filter adapter and wallet Contact

The modern speedlight is a very powerful and versatile tool. Adding this modifier kit from Hähnel increases its potential for creative output even further

BUY THE HÄHNEL MODULE Creative Lantern Kit and you'll need a Module Clamp. Two sizes are available: the 360 and the 600, designed for the Hähnel Modus 360 and 600 flashguns, respectively, and they fit other speedlights too. I used a Modus 600RT Mk II and a Nikon SB-900 for this test with the 600 clamp. The clamp is magnetic and the filter holder, Creative Lantern and other accessories clip on.

Clamps cost £10 each but at the moment you get one free if you buy this kit (while stocks last). See page 4 for details. The Lantern folds along its magnetic frame when not in use, protecting the paper concertina, and fits in seconds. It functions well alone or with a filter. Using these plastic filters is straightforward once you get the knack. They click securely into the holder, which fits nicely on the clamp.

well lit. Adding the Lantern solved the bright centre, improving the edges as well. And it did this while still giving a good directional light. Shooting groups of people, the Lantern is sure to achieve pleasing results. I used the Lantern off-camera in a simple still-life set-up, and again, it did a fine job. WC

Made from paper, the Lantern isn’t overly robust. I managed to wrinkle it in a couple of places over the test period, but that didn’t affect performance. It still folded up easily, ironing out the creases to an extent in the process. For this test, I used the Lantern outfit with a Hähnel Modus 600RTMk II Wireless Kit in its Fujifilm form. This is an advanced dedicated flashgun for use on a hotshoe or off-camera. The Viper TTL Transmitter enables full wireless control. Trying out the Lantern on and off the camera, I applied different zoom settings on the Modus 600RTMk II, from 18mm to 133mm, and placed the flash in TTL and manual modes. A selection of lenses made appearances on the test camera – a Fujifilm X-S10 – shooting test pictures at a variety of subject distances. Unsurprisingly, adding a modifier to a flashgun results in a little loss of power. Typically, the Lantern takes just over 1EV. However, that’s not an issue, because the Lantern provides a more even output. Take a wide-angle lens, for example. On its own, the speedlight created a slightly ‘hot’ centre, with edges appearing less

ABOVE Shot with the Hähnel Modus 600RT Mk II. The attached Creative Lantern, positioned to the right of the camera, was fired remotely with the Viper TTL

PROS Quick to use, balanced light output, securely fitting accessories, robust filters CONS Lantern’s paper material Verdict The Hähnel Module Creative Lantern Kit is a worthy addition to every keen photographer’s kit bag. The Creative Lantern delivers good light, whether used on- or off-camera, while the colour filters are especially useful for multi-flash set-ups, where colour could add something to a background.

ABOVE To use the kit, a Module Clamp costing £10 is required. Buy the Creative Lantern Kit now and you get a clamp free (while stocks last). See page 4 for details. The Lantern and the filter holder attach magnetically to the clamp

ABOVE The Creative Lantern effectively provides a more balanced spread of light across the frame, also softening it slightly. When not in use, it folds in half, protecting paper fins that are susceptible to minor creasing

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