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Fujifilm aims for timeless Instax success

APOTY, CUPOTY, EPOTY, IGPOTY, LPOTY, TPOTY, UPOTY, WPOTY… that’s a feast of acronyms for POTY (photographer of the year) contests – astronomy, close-ups, the environment, garden, landscape, travel, underwater andwildlife. And that’s off the top of my headwithout Google! There’s probably a contest for every photographic subject going. It’s not just competitions for photographers where prizes and recognition are seriously tempting. There are exhibitions and salons, where financial rewards are usually much lower, but it’s competitive – and there’s a great sense of gratification if your images are accepted. Competitions, exhibitions and salons have been part of photography since very early doors – the RPS International Print Exhibition is 163 years old and the world’s longest running. This year’s IPE closes 27 April and has a prize fund of £4000. Just in the past fewdays, three contest press releases have popped intomy inbox – the details are in this issue. I was interested in one enough to contact the founders, Dan and Tracy Calder, to find out what drove them to launch Close-up POTY three years ago. I also did a double take at the Canon Redline, because the overall winner gets a staggering prize package worth £14,000, including an EOS R5 and three RF lenses. I used to love entering contests and salons – and didOK. The lure of cash and gear prizes was too tempting to resist, and I would buy all the photomagazines and enter everything I could. It cost time andmoney, but it got my imaginationworking and the partial


reinforcement of the odd success motivatedme. Though I haven’t entered a contest for an eternity. While there are contests that involve physically sending in prints for judging, most (youwon’t be surprised to learn) accept entries online, so getting involved is easy. But that doesn’t mean there’s no cost. While there are free-to-enter contests, many charge a fee to pay for admin, judges, events, prizes, etc. Organisers want tomake a fewquid, which is fair enough. If you’ve never thought of entering a photo contest, now is a good time for a rethink. If you’re a contest regular, now is the time tomake evenmore of an effort. Someone has to win, so why can’t it be you? The rewards and recognition are worth it. With lockdown easing, we’re planning reader shoot events for the summer, working within the latest government guidelines andwith health as the key priority. Details will be in themagazine, so keep your eyes open if you’re keen to get involved. Until wemeet again next month.

Fujifilm has added a classic design camera and new film to its popular line-up of instant photography products

THE INSTAX MINI 40 instant camera boasts a sophisticated body design, plus it’s really easy to use. That makes it perfect for image creators of all levels, as well as returning Instax fans. “With its classic, chic styling, the new Instax Mini 40 is for anyone who loves to take and share photos,” says Fujifilm Europe president, Toshi Iida.

Peak deal this spring Buy a Peak Design Travel Tripod from a participating dealer before 31 May 2021, and you can claim a free Leash camera strap or Capture Clip camera holder, depending on which tripod is bought. Purchasing the aluminium model gets you the Leash (worth £34.95), while the carbon-fibre model entitles you to a free Capture Clip (worth £64.95). For more information on participating Peak

An advanced system handles exposures, sensing the level of existing light, as well as adjusting shutter speed and flash output to correct exposures, whether shooting indoors or out. Plus, the camera’s intuitive Selfie mode is sure to please fans of that photographic style. The Instax Mini 40 hits the shops on 21 April, costing £89.99. Accompanying the launch is the new Contact Sheet instant mini film. Available in ten exposures per cartridge, Contact Sheet simulates the look of a photographer’s film contact sheet. A pack costs £8.99, and is also available from 21 April.

Design dealers, visit the website.



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