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TOP All kit received by MPB is checked upon arrival by a team of experts before being accepted

Flash units, tripods, gadget bags and a whole range of other accessories are also welcome, so you really can spring-clean your kit and turn unused items into cash. Older film cameras aren’t generally accepted, although there are exceptions. That means it’s always best to check. If you’re happy with the valuation, upon accepting the deal, MPB picks up the packaged gear from your doorstep, even covering the postage and insurance to get it sent back safely to its warehouse. Once the kit is received, MPB checks it matches the stated condition, before paying the money quickly – cash tends to reach your bank account in a matter of days. Better still, if you tend to err on the side of caution when estimating the condition of your kit, MPB is prepared to increase what they pay you, based on the original

if it could be put to good use by a fellow image maker. And, it’s also worth bearing in mind that using MPB to return your kit to action is helping the planet, as well as clearing your cupboard space. Every year, MPB recirculates more than 300,000 items to photographers and videographers, breathing new life into kit and keeping unnecessary waste out of landfill. What’s not to like?

quote. The opposite could apply as well, so honesty is always the best policy when selling unwanted items. RECYCLE TO REINVEST Of course, you don’t have to simply pocket the cash from your sales; you could reinvest it in new kit. Again, MPB is more than happy to help – what may be surplus to requirements for one photographer, could mean a new lease of life for you. It’s definitely worth taking a moment to check the extensive range of used cameras, lenses and accessories. Plus, each piece of kit includes a six-month warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. Parting with kit can be tricky. As photographers, we do get emotionally attached to our gear. But there’s little point in leaving something to gather dust

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