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Hire forces Hiring is an effective way of solving your gear dilemmas without breaking the bank. Join us for a nationwide tour of leading hire services, albeit from the comfort of your home

Insurance is something you also need to think about, so check what the hirer offers (if anything) and what’s covered, too. If you’re a first-time hirer, the whole process might seem daunting, but it isn’t. The companies ( for their own interests) do their best to make the process as streamlined and painless as possible, whether you are new to the business or a regular customer. The thing is, once you have tried hiring and appreciate how straightforward and cost-effective it is, you’ll very likely be exploring the website for different bits of kit to try. And that, in turn, enhances your photographic enjoyment.

optic for that once-in-a-lifetime shoot or simply want to try out an expensive camera, lens or light before taking the plunge. The option to hire is worth serious consideration. The actual hiring process is usually straightforward. Simply decide what you need and for how long, check date availability, then create an account and pay for the loan and (usually) a refundable deposit. Supply delivery or collection details, with a contact phone number, then an email confirmation usually follows. Just check that all the details are correct and the kit will arrive the day before your loan period begins. Yes, it’s really that simple!

IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL if you could delve into your cupboard for that extra-special piece of kit to make the most of great photo opportunities. Anything from a super-long telephoto lens for a bird shoot, to an extra-light for a location portrait session. But the simple fact is, for most of us, that’s not the real world and we must make do with what we have. So, the best solution is to hire. Hiring used to be seen as the province of professional image makers based in larger cities, and the choice of brands was limited. But that’s not the case any more – hire is open to all and it’s a cost–effective solution, whether you need an exotic landing-pages/try-zeiss-lenses.html

Hireacamera versatility

action cams to high-end digital cinema cameras, not forgetting mirrorless and DSLRs. Peripherals on offer include mics, lights, monitors, headphones and more. Prices are competitive, too, and Hireacamera’s service is second to none, with kit delivered nationwide by secure courier in rugged flight cases – usually by 12pm the day before the hire period starts. This allows time to resolve any issues, but if anything drastic does happen,

Voted by PN readers as Best Specialist Service Provider in the PN 2020 Awards, Hireacamera offers a huge range of optical products for hire. Of course, you would expect cameras and lenses, but its hire options include high-end binoculars from Canon and Zeiss, as well as spotting scopes from Zeiss. For stills capture, there’s every camera type you could imagine. There are compacts, mirrorless, DSLRs and medium format, plus all the brands you would expect. The choice is huge and covers all interests. Hireacamera also offers accessories in its range, including tripods, flash, memory cards, batteries, bags, filters and even rain covers. The choice is just as wide if you want to capture movies instead, from

Enjoy the Zeiss experience Zeiss is a brand steeped in

28mm, 55mm, 85mm and 100mm and all f/1.4 lenses – or the Milvus range, where there’s a wider selection of focal lengths, from 15mm to 135mm, but even here, several lenses are f/1.4. The loan scheme is run through Hireacamera – you start the process by visiting the web page above. Pick the lens that interests you, then check live availability, with an instant fee update. For example, you might be keen on the Milvus 15mm f/2.8, which is free for two days. But if you want it an extra day, there is £49.20 to pay, or £82.80 if you want it for seven days. Pick your dates, pay the refundable deposit and a courier will deliver the item to your chosen address the day before.

imaging history and its lenses are legendary – the Otus 100mm f/1.4 won Best Telephoto Lens in the PN 2020 Awards. Whether you shoot with a mirrorless or DSLR camera, now you can try a Zeiss prime lens for yourself with a free 48-hour loan. For mirrorless, there are the Batis and Loxia families, both full- frame compatible and available in Sony E-mount. There’s a selection of focal lengths in each range, from ultra-wide to telephoto, and the key difference is that the Batis series is autofocus, while Loxia lenses are manual focus only. DSLR shooters using Canon EOS or Nikon cameras can choose from the premium Otus family –

Hireacamera will deliver your loan items by 10am the next day, area and weather permitting. Return is organised by

Hireacamera and security zip ties, label and bag are supplied, so the whole process is quick, simple and convenient.

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