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BELOW A professor of marine molecular ecology, Galice Hoarau won the Overall and Animals categories at CUPOTY 02. His image of an eel larva from a blackwater dive in Indonesia is spectacular

Up close and very personal With the third Close-up Photographer of the Year contest open for entries, it’s time to get excited about macro. We recall the winning images from last year’s event and chat with co-founder, Tracy Calder

Photography News: Can you give readers a little background on your photography and how close-up became your specialism? Tracy Calder: My passion for close-up photography began 15 years ago. Picking up a macro lens, I realised it was a portal to a whole new world of curves, shapes, colours and forms. It doesn’t matter if you’re photographing a cheese grater or tiny springtail, the level of close-up detail is spellbinding. This style of photography forces you to slow down and be more mindful of surroundings – that’s a real joy! When I began, I was working in the publishing industry full-time; this calm approach to image-making helped me relax. I was commissioned to write a macro photography book in 2010, providing a perfect excuse to explore the field in detail. I’ve been hooked ever since. Nature is inspiration – I’m often in a ditch, staring at obscure mushrooms or wind-fallen fruit! PN: What are the origins of the CUPOTY concept? Tracy: My husband, Dan, and I came up with the idea for a major competition, celebrating the art of close-up, macro and micro

photography, in 2015. However, we decided to do pretty much everything ourselves, from website design to securing sponsors and press coverage. It took us the best part of three years to actually launch it! From the outset, we wanted to encourage people to ‘see the world anew’ – to notice the gentle curve of a tulip leaf, or the way a small sand pattern can be mistaken for an aerial landscape. When we appreciate the small things, we see how everything is interconnected and clearly deserving of our respect.

ABOVE Elizabeth Kazda took out the Plants & Fungi category of CUPOTY 02, thanks to Mandala with Miniature Tulips

PN: You’ve just launched the third contest. Are you happy with how things have progressed? Last year, you received 6500 entries from 52 countries – how does that compare to year one? Tracy: The support we’ve received has been phenomenal. When you feel passionate about something,

BELOW Hungarian photographer Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz was crowned Young Close-up Photographer of the Year for his image of a yellow globular springtail

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