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Greatone-legged support from Vanguard

The PNY Mobee smartphone gimbal features three-axis stabilisation, allowing users to take smooth photos and videos on their phone, even while moving. The gimbal’s features include an integral shutter button on the handle and zoom control, as well as panorama, face tracking, slow motion and special time- lapse functions. For further ease of use, the Mobee can be controlled via its dedicated app. In addition to its creative functions, the Mobee features USB out, allowing for PNYadds smartphone gimbal

A tripod offers the best support for your camera while a monopod gives support and manoeuvrability, but sometimes you may want something in-between; and this is where the Vanguard VEO 2S monopods come into their own. Available in carbon fibre or aluminium, the four members of the VEO 2S monopod range have a built- in tri-foot, which can be opened quickly to give more stability than a monopod on its own. The tri-foot base can be locked so it is still possible to pan with fast- moving subjects, or locked into place when maximum stability is required. Each comes with a Vanguard

Smartphone Connector, which usually costs £19.99 on its own, as standard. The aluminium AM-234TR and AM-264TR are £79.99 and £89.99 respectively, the former extending to 155cm and the latter to 163cm. The CM-264TR is more expensive at £109.99, but is a carbon fibre monopod weighing just 800g, extending to 163cm and with a load capacity of 6kg. The last model is the AM-264TV, which sells at £119.99. This model doesn’t come with a smartphone adapter; it is simply an AM-264TR supplied with a VEO-PH13 two-way video head. •

smartphone charging even while the phone and gimbal are in use. For longer periods of use, the Mobee battery offers up to 12 hours. The PNY Mobee gimbal kit sells at £89.99 and includes a handy mini-tripod, a micro USB cable and a soft travel bag with strap. •

Hahnel’s host of speedlight accessories

Hahnel’s 360 and 600 clamps offer users the ability to attach accessories to their speedlight quickly and easily using its powerful magnetic system. The 360 Clamp can attach to a flash head 35mm to 64mm wide, while the 600 Clamp can cover a 65mm to 80mm wide

light. Clamps costs £9.99 each. The Light Effects kit includes a honeycomb grid, a bounce card and an array of gels and costs £44.99, while the softbox is £39.99 and offers pleasing light diffusion and fold-down flattening body for easy transportation. •


One Vision Imaging Quartz Acrylic Wall Art

challenge my lack of printing. So I chose an image taken in New York, from a trip with a good friend; I wanted to be reminded of the fun we’d had walking along the Brooklyn Bridge before sharing pizza and laughter together, overlooking the famous skyline. “With so many professional options to choose from at One Vision Imaging, I settled on the Quartz Acrylic Wall Art. The thick surround to the FujifilmDP II print seemed the ideal way to preserve this memory in high-gloss splendour. The result is a sophisticated, modern print, which would look as much at home in a gallery as it does on the wall in my new house.”

“As someone whose photographic education started in the darkroom, printing endless contact sheets and carefully working the chemicals to achieve visual results, I’m sad to say I’ve recently fallen into the common practice of only sharing my images online,” says PN ’s contributing editor Daisy Dickinson. “It’s an easy trap to fall into when snapped shots can be online within moments. But nothing beats the feeling of a great-quality print in your hand, and an Instagram image stuck on your phone certainly can’t take pride of place in your home. Having recently moved house myself, it was the perfect opportunity to

The Quartz is a robust piece of statement art sure to look fantastic in either a gallery or home setting. Using a high-quality single Fujifilm DP II photographic print encapsulated between two clear sheets of crystal-grade acrylic measuring 2mm at the front and 12mm at the back, the overall thickness is a sturdy 14mm. Thanks to the high-gloss finish, the resulting image is very pleasing. Sizes are available from 12x12in to 40x30in and the wall art is supplied with an acrylic baton to hang on the wall safely. Prices start from£115.

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