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Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Dual To Go Set


Mobile and powerful, Elinchrom’s ELB 500 TTL system offers superb results whether you’re working in the studio or on location, inside or out. This version of the kit comes with the main power pack, two heads and a carry bag, so you’re all ready to go for creative set-ups. The ELB 500 TTL can be used in either full manual mode, or with TTL metering and, with its high-speed sync mode offering speeds of up to 1/8000sec, you can use it with very fast lenses on bright days. Flash duration itself can hit an amazing 1/20,000sec. Recycling times run from 0.05 to 2secs at full power, and a full charge will give you 400 full power flashes, and many thousands at lower settings. The maximum 500Ws output is available over seven stops, and wirelessly controlled thanks to the built-in Skyport receiver.

Hähnel Modus 600RTMK II

PRICE: £329


PRICE: £199



Interfit Honey Badger

Shooting on location, you need small, light and versatile flash heads – and that’s Interfit’s Honey Badger to a T. It measures just 13x12.6x10cm, and weighs only 1.4kg, so it’s easy to include in your bag. The head has

This flash head offers a great blend of power and usability. Its most notable feature is an interchangeable head, which lets you swap out a Fresnel-style speedlight head for a more bare bulb, like a traditional studio flash. This lets the head adapt better to different modifiers so, for example, when using a softbox, you’ll be better using the omni- directional bare bulb. Elsewhere, the PIKA200 Pro TTL’s 200Ws output is adjustable over nine stops, down to 1/256 power in 1/10th increments, which is an upgrade on

a decent 320W/s output, and that’s adjustable over seven stops, making the lowest setting 5W/s, therefore it’s very useful for wide- aperture work. There’s also a

the regular PIKA200 version. It also promises better colour consistency of +/-100K (5600K) across its whole power range. The PIKA200 Pro has a built-in receiver for

Elsewhere this month’s PN you’ll find the Hähnel Modus 360RT reviewed, and the 600RT is its big brother. Available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds bodies, it’s powered by an Hähnel extreme Li-ion battery, which gives reliable power, and fast recycle times of 1.5sec at full power. The Li-ion battery also means 600 flashes at full power, 1000 at 1/2 power and, realistically, a lot more than that in general use where less power is used. The 600RT can be used in TTL, manual and stroboscopic modes, and power output is a very respectable GN60 at ISO 100. Thanks to the built- in 2.4GHz wireless receiver and transmitter, the 600RT can be used on camera, as a commander or off camera for creative flash set-ups. You’ll need to add a Hähnel Viper TTL for the latter, but the 600RT comes in a kit with one at an extra £50.

proportional, flicker-free 60WLED modelling lamp with an equivalent output of 300W. The Honey Badger has a recycle time of 1sec at full power, and flash duration is 1/9000sec at its quickest. In terms of modifiers, the head comes with a neat little 24- inch softbox, but is compatible with Bowens S-fit accessories, so there’s a wealth of options out there. It also comes with a manual remote, for wireless triggering.

off-camera work, TTL, HSS and stroboscopic modes, and with

its Li-ion battery, you’ll get 500 full-powered shots per charge.

PRICE: £259


distance, and the colour temperature is controllable between 3000K and 5600K for colour matching. All that can be controlled from the unit, or via Bluetooth using Manfrotto’s Digital Director app. For £1250 you can also get it in a kit with three lights, three stands, two softboxes and a Manfrotto Pro Light Reloader Tough-55 photographic roller bag.

The Lykos 2.0 is designed for both videographers and photographers. At 0.5kg, it’s small, light and has a water-resistant build – and as the dual batterymount (which takes Sony L-Type or Canon LP-E6 batteries) is also weather resistant, it’s perfectly usable indoors or out. Output wise, this bicolour LED uses built-in lenses to give a fully dimmable 1500 lux at 1m

Manfrotto Lykos 2.0 Bicolour LED

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