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The FujifilmX-T3 features a 26-megapixel CMOS 4 sensor and an X-Processor 4 to provide exceptional image quality. It also has a 3.69 million-dot high resolution EVF with a lag time of just 0.005 seconds, a superfast autofocus and is capable of recording 4K video footage. X-T3

“The lightning-quick autofocus over aplethora of focal pointsmakes light work ofmost scenes”

one thing that absolutely impressed me was the true-to-life colour of the images; the white-balance on this camera is world class, but whether that is a product of mirrorless technology or the quality of the sensor itself (or both), I do not know. It is definitely noticeable and warrants a mention. The autofocus system is also a favourite of mine; lightning-quick autofocus over a plethora of focal points makes light work of most scenes, even the low-light conditions of some of my dusk shots were easy going for this camera. There was the odd occasion, when shooting landscapes, where I found myself missing the extra width I get with a full-frame camera, because of the 1.5x crop of the APS-C sensor, so given another chance I would have a go with Fujifilm’s XF8-16mm lens to get that extra-wide angle. On the whole, this is a small camera that packs a huge punch. Using the FujifilmX-T3 over the past two weeks I have found my number of ‘throw away’ images decreased significantly as I was getting the image right the first time thanks to the true-to-life display of the EVF. This of course means less time spent having to sort through a memory card full of duplicate images. The near perfect white-balance of each shot was also a huge change for me – hardly any time spent having to adjust this in post- processing. Add to that the sharpness of these lenses and the end result is a powerful image that skips a large chunk of the post-processing stage. For anyone in the market for a lightweight, super responsive and very quick camera that produces impeccable, colour- accurate images, the FujifilmX-T3 is an investment worth considering.

excellent. I rarely had to retake a shot as I do withmy camera when I realise I have misjudged the light and ended up with a photo that is almost blown out white or heavily shadowed. Not the case withmirrorless technology. What you see on the screen and EVF of the X-T3 is what you will get on the image. Massively helpful when using ND grad filters in long exposure shots – I never once had to resort tomy app, which calculates the amount of time required on shutter speed setting. Next up is the much talked about speed burst boasted by mirrorless technology, and boy is it something to boast about. It is spectacularly fast and perfect for those fast-moving action shots you would typically encounter with sport and wildlife. On the landscapes, the wide end of the XF16- 55mmwas excellent; very sharp, no barrel distortion and no vignette. The

This weather-resistant zoom lens is ideal for a range of subjects and offers a 35mm equivalent focal length of 24-84mm, plus edge-to-edge sharpness across its zoom range. XF16-55MM F/2.8 R LMWR

XF100-400MM F/4.5-5.6 R LMOISWR

This super telephoto zoom lens is great for shooting subjects in the distance, such as sport or wildlife, and features a 5.0-stop image stabilisation. It’s also both water and dust resistant and features a speedy autofocus to capture fast-moving subjects.


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