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The Harrogate Convention Centre is the base for the second Photo North Festival, which takes place from30 November to 2 December. This lively festival is run by a small teamof photography and curatorial professionals and is targeted towards professional photographers, the art enthusiast and the keen amateur, as well as students. Events include exhibitions, talks, workshops and portfolio reviews. Photographer Peter Dench, the co-founder and curator of Photo North, said: “The driving force behind Photo North was our desire to keep exhibitions on the road, outside of the south and get world-class work out to a northern audience. We also want to showcase the work of up-and-coming photographers to give them a leg up. We don’t want the festival to be sniffy or static, we want it to be inclusive. We want people to walk through the door and feel welcome.” It’s happening up north

The Guernsey Photography Festival competition offers a total of £6500 in prize money for winners. The last competition attracted more than 600 entries from photographers across 50 countries. This year, the competition features three categories – international, international student and Channel Islands student – which offer £5000, £1000 and £500 in prize money respectively. This year’s competition is open to all photographers, professionals and amateurs, who have developed a coherent, artistically driven body of work. There is no set theme. The last competition was won by Norwegian photographer Terje Abusdal for his series Slash & Burn. Submissions for the competition close on 31 December. Guernsey’s photo fest contest is open

Nikon is the European sponsor of the Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2019, a global competition celebrating female photographers and highlighting the positive power of photojournalism and documentary photography. The annual award grants £2000 to enable a professional female photographer to complete a photo essay while providing a platform for female photographers to promote their work. Nikon’s sponsorship recognises its commitment to nurture female talent in the photography industry. The award was set up in 2017 by Marilyn Stafford, whose own work documenting Algerian refugees in Tunisia made the front page of The Observer in 1958, bringing their plight to the attention of the world. The closing date for submissions is 15 November and the winner is announced in December. Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of industry experts including Marilyn Stafford and Rebecca Newton fromNikon. Nikon celebrates talented female photographers







ABOVE: Last year’s Guernsey’s Photo Festival was won by Terje Abusdal for his series, Slash & Burn

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ABOVE: A photo by the 2018 Marilyn Stafford award winner, Özge Sebzeci

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