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Tamrondouble Duo of compact all-in-one superzooms

NEWS INBRIEF BAGSOF STYLE Tamron’s new range of Apache Photo Messenger bags will appeal to those who want a practical, modern bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. The Apache 2, 4 and 6 cost £60, £80 and £100 respectively wants to travel light but carry key essentials with them. There’s space for a CSC or DSLR and important accessories like spare batteries, cards and in the case of the 4 and 6, a pocket for a tablet too. and are ideal for the photographer who

Tamron has announced the development of two new lenses with huge zoom ranges. The first is for full-frame DSLRs and offers a focal range of 28-300mm, while the other is for APS-C format sensors with a zoom range of 16-300mm. Both have maximum apertures of f/3.5-6.3 and incorporate Tamron’s Piezo Drive ultrasonic motor for quick and quiet autofocus, as well as featuring Vibration Compensation while remaining compact. Both lenses will be available in Canon, Nikon and Sony mounts, but prices are yet to be confirmed.

Canon launches Top G series premium compact and entry- level DSLR announced The two latest additions to Canon’s line-up are a flagship compact in the PowerShot G-series and an entry-level DSLR with its own Companion app for mobile devices. The PowerShot G1 X Mark II has a completely remastered design compared to its predecessor, with a stainless steel chassis, aluminium exterior and a large ergonomic grip. “Although the G1 X has been a really popular camera for us it’s now just over two years old and there were things we felt we could do to improve its specification. In fact the G1 X Mark II is quite a significant upgrade, and all around the camera there are updates,” says David Parry, Canon product specialist. “For a start, the lens now features a 5x optical zoom instead of a 4x, and the maximum aperture has gone from f/2.8 to f/2, which is very fast for a lens of this kind. These days ISO performance is so good that a fast lens is not required so much for low-light situations, rather it will allow photographers to play more with shallow depth-of- field, and f/2 will open up some new possibilities. “One thing that is missing from the new camera is a built-in optical viewfinder. Although many photographers did like this feature in the G1 X, it was very small and you did see a portion of the lens when you looked through. We decided this was a compromise, and we now offer a separate EVF, which costs £199 as an optional extra. This can be easily clicked into place to offer you the direct view the camera is seeing, and we think those who appreciate an EVF will find this a much better solution.” Also updated is the sensor, now a large 1.5-type 18.7x14mm chip with 12.8 megapixels that can offer depth-of-field comparable to an APS-C sensor and has large pixels for excellent low-light performance Launched alongside the new PowerShot was the EOS 1200D entry-level DSLR, which has an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor and DIGIC 4 processor, an ISO range of 100-6400 that can be extended up to ISO 12,800 and a nine-point AF system. Together with the EOS 1200D comes the new EOS Companion app, which provides a range of expert tutorials and step-by-step exercises to help you get to grips with photography basics, as well as an Inspire section that suggests popular subjects with photographic instructions and tips to prevent common problems. The PowerShot G1 X Mark II will be available from May 2014 at a price of £749, and the EOS 1200D body will be available for £349 from March 2014.

IMAGES Tamron’s new lenses are compact but offer huge zoom ranges.

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Steamphoto days All aboard for exclusive access and tuition at the railway

The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway has launched photography days. Led by an expert photographer, the days give small groups of photographers the chance to go behind the scenes in the engine shed and to shoot from parts of the line not open to the public. A moderate level of fitness and appropriate clothing and footwear are required for a guided walking tour of the seven-mile line. The Photography Days are for adults aged over 16 and run on Tuesday 20 May and Tuesday 2 September, so places are limited. The day’s experience costs £40 and the itinerary starts at 8.30am in Ravenglass with a safety briefing.

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